Billionaire God of War Chapter 2396

Chapter 2396

Greedy Wolf did not even need to turn around to find out who it was, since the voice was recognizable enough.

He stared ahead in annoyance and snorted like he was trying to keep Celaine from seeing how bad he looked. “What business do you have here, Celaine?”

He took a deep breath and calmed his boiling blood down. The surge earlier made him feel uncomfortable and made his face pale. He had no mirror around, but he knew he must look pasty and sickly.

“I am just worried about you.” Celaine trotted over to him and had a closer look. “How do you feel?”

“Still alive.” Greedy Wolf grunted.

Celaine’s concern about his condition did not seem to cheer him up. Once upon a time, it would have made him ecstatic, but it was not the time to be happy about it.

Celaine went around him to take a look from the front. It was then she saw the blood gushing out from the wound on his chest. The wound was caused by the impact of Ethan’s punch, and his chest was nothing but a mess of flesh and blood. That was one powerful punch.

“Ethan is a really powerful fighter. Fortunately, your arteries are still intact.” She looked at him for a moment. “Do not blame me for this. You weren’t you back then. Or rather, you weren’t the person I know. If I hadn’t stopped you, you would have injured Kye.”

Greedy Wolf kept quiet. He knew why he wanted to hurt Kye earlier. After all, he lost control of his body. Demon King was calling the shots, while he was taking a backseat. If it were up to him, he might not even think of hurting Kye.

He looked at Celaine for the first time. “Are you here on Ethan’s behalf?”

Celaine shook her head. “He does not need my help. I think you know him better than I do. You know he does not fear you. Not in the slightest.” She continued, “He will destroy anyone who tries to harm his daughter, and he cares not about the consequences.

“You, on the other hand, are in a worrying state of affairs.” Celaine was not the kind of person who’d be roundabout at a time like this. She saw the battle between Greedy Wolf and Ethan, so she knew that the latter had a slight advantage now.

The tables might turn in the near future, but for the moment, Greedy Wolf was no match for Ethan. Greedy Wolf also had another fighter who was keeping an eye on him, and he was a decent one as well.

Greedy Wolf was slightly frustrated about Celaine’s straightforward attitude. Why can’t she even praise me a little? Come on, it’s not that hard, right?

He took a deep breath and kept quiet. He did not want to talk, for he was frustrated.

“There is something wrong with your body, so you’d better keep an eye out for it,” Celaine said. “I know all about your ambition, and I know I cannot stop you, but please look before you leap. Don’t do anything rashly. If you were to hurt yourself…”

“Are you that sure that Ethan can kill me so easily?” Greedy Wolf had to ask.

He stared at her. “Are you so sure I will never best him? Are you that sure I can never be the strongest man on earth?”

Broken Soldier used to be his only obstacle on the path to the strongest, and now Ethan took his place. It was as if he was cursed to be second fiddle, never to have the privilege to stand on the world’s pinnacle.

Greedy Wolf was agitated, but Celaine was calm. She looked at him for a moment, then she suddenly smiled. It was still that gentle smile she always had.

“Do you think I will think that way?”

Greedy Wolf calmed down and waved her down. “I have told you that I will decide the path which I will tread upon. It is not your place to tell me what to do.”

He received no answer from her, for she did not speak at all.

Greedy Wolf thought he might have been too harsh on her. He turned around, and she was still standing there, quietly looking at him. A while later, she nodded. “Very well then. You are the master of your own destiny.”

Greedy Wolf’s heart sank.

“I just came to see if you’re alright. That’s all that matters.” Celaine left without saying anything more.

Greedy Wolf wanted to say something, but he could not even make a sound. After Celaine had disappeared from his sight, he sighed. “This is fine.” He shook his head and smiled bitterly. “At least I won’t have anything holding me back now.”

He started being solemn once more. “And that is the only way for me to focus on my path and my destiny—I shall have your head!”

Crimson murder welled up within his eyes, devouring his very soul.


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