Billionaire God of War Chapter 2401

Chapter 2401

Some of the fighters nodded, confirming that Ethan was telling the truth. They went on a hunt for the Longevity Pond all because they knew about the existence of Heavenly Palace, and that the Longevity Pond was housed right within it.

If they did not believe that legend, they would have given up on the dream of immortality, and there would have been no need to search for the Longevity Pond.

“The Longevity Pond is indeed in Heavenly Palace. I have found that very palace, but it is in ruins, and the pond is almost dried up. The culprit behind this devastation is Demon King from the Underworld.

“Most importantly, even though the Heavenly Palace lies in ruins, Demon King still lives to revel in this victory.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that, but Ethan continued, “The Underworld still survives, and so is their king. Now, Demon King has taken over the body of Greedy Wolf. I’m sure you know exactly how powerful he can be.

“I am telling all of you about this to prepare you for the situation we all must face. It is dire and precarious, for none of us have any idea what Demon King plans to do. He spared no effort in bringing the Heavenly Palace to ruins, so he must have his own goal in mind. Now that he is planning his eventual return, it begs the question—what is he trying to do?”

Ethan shook his head, for he had no answer to his own question, nor did he have any leads to go on.

There were looks of anguish, horror, and despair on everyone’s face. None of them could expect such a drastic change in such a short time, after all.

Eventually, one of the fighters looked at Ethan and asked, “Why are you telling us this?”

“I will provide the water from the Longevity Pond for all of you, but I have a request to make.” Ethan said seriously, “I need you to fight with me this time and to go against Demon King.”

“No way!” one of the fighters refused immediately.

“We all know how terrifying Demon King can be! He’s strong enough to destroy the Heavenly Palace! We are no match for him! All we want is immortality! We have no desire to die in a futile battle!”

“Yes. We agreed to go back into our slumber on the condition that you give us the water from Longevity Pond. An extra request like this is unacceptable.”

Some of the fighters were indignant, thinking that Ethan was holding them hostage using the water from Longevity Pond.

Ethan shook his head and smiled bitterly. “This is just a request from me. It is not mandatory, nor will I force you to do this.”

He looked at Peter Pan, but the old man only sighed. When they were on the way here, Peter Pan had decided to use necessary force if the fighters refused to join the battle, but Ethan objected to that plan. He thought it was no use forcing someone to do something against their will, and it was pointless doing that too.

After all, Ethan was asking them to put their lives on the line. He could understand it if the fighters refused to answer the call, and he would not force them to.

“I have purified the water that was taken from the pond. It is nearly harmless to your body. Not only can it reset your life force and renew your life, but it can also raise your strength.

He took out a bag that was filled with vials of the purified water from Longevity Pond. The water was potent, and it had little to no side effects.

Ethan put the vials down and looked at the fighters. “I have upheld the end of my bargain. You may do as you wish with this item. I hope none of you will waste the life you gain from the water.”

He said nothing more and left with Peter Pan.

The fighters quickly went ahead, uncorked the vials, and gulped the water down without any hesitation. It did not take long for the water’s effect to show after that.

They weren’t worried about Ethan tampering with the water. He had a hundred other ways to kill them if he so wanted to.

The fighters felt as if they were ascending to a higher plane after drinking the water from Longevity Pond.

“This is magical! Magnificent!”

“So this is the water from Longevity Pond? I feel my body getting younger by the minute!”

“Such power! Such potency! And I can still get even more powerful? This is unbelievable!”

Someone laughed in glee. “I’m immortal now! I’m immortal!”

Sounds of euphoria came from within the cave. Some of the fighters even roared in delight, as they had waited far too long for this day to arrive.

Eventually, the roars and cheers died down, and a short silence ensued. Then, someone got up and tried to leave.

“Hey, where are you going?” someone behind him asked.

“I’m going to help him,” the man answered curtly and left without any elaboration.


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