Billionaire God of War Chapter 2405

Chapter 2405

He turned around to Peter Pan and the Awakened. “Are you prepared for this battle?”

Peter Pan nodded.

Ethan went up to the gates and stomped the ground. A golden light flashed immediately, and everyone heard the sound of something buzzing.

“Reveal yourself!” Ethan roared as he flailed his hands around. It seemed random at first, but formation lines started dancing through the air like an ocean of flowers had appeared out of nowhere.

.”He has a great grasp on formations,” Peter Pan praised. “He failed to unlock the door in full last time, but now he has fully cracked the code”

Once the golden gates had opened up a path, he waved his hand forward. “Charge!”

Brother Geoff and the others darted into the gates without another word, but the Awakened were more traditional in their approach. They did not show much excitement after seeing the gates being unlocked.

The golden gates remained open for a very long time. Ethan and Peter Pan were the last to enter, but the moment they did, they released their pent-up urge for murder.

The Underworld’s gate was blasted into smithereens at the same time, and golden light flashed everywhere.

“Who is there?” the guards barked in shock, but nobody answered them.

To be more precise, they received their answers in the form of punches from countless fighters.

Brother Geoff and his lackeys pounced at the Underworld fighters like wolves to their prey.

“I’m here to kill you all, ye b*stards!” Brother Geoff roared. “Ye are the lowest of the low! The filthiest of filth!”

His fist arced across the air and broke the sound barrier itself as it connected against the guard’s face.

An explosion of blood and flesh ensued as the guard was blown into pieces from a single punch.

“Kill these filthy b*stards!” Brother Geoff roared, and his pack went into a frenzy, much to the Awakened’s surprise.

“I did not expect a fighter of his caliber to still exist in this era. We should not lag behind, my allies.”

They started speeding up as if they were refusing to lose out against the new age fighters.

And then chaos ensued in the Underworld. Ethan and Peter Pan walked in through the gates. They did not care what Brother Geoff was trying to do. The Underworld warriors and Court Chiefs were his prey, so Ethan was not interested in that battle.

All he wanted to do was find Greedy Wolf as soon as possible and kill him. That was his mission. “Let’s go,” Ethan told Peter Pan, and he vanished into thin air like he was nothing but a puff of smoke.

“Run faster, all of you!” Peter Pan snorted and followed suit.

A silhouette was sent flying to the stone throne in the court. The throne suffered no damage, but the person who was sent flying there was cut in two.

“Where is Greedy Wolf? I demand to know where he is!” Peter Pan held an Underworld fighter by his neck. “Tell me, and I shall let you live.”

“I-I do not know where he is.”

Peter Pan snapped his neck without saying another word. He turned around to look at Ethan and shook his head.

None of these warriors know where Greedy Wolf is. He must be in hiding somewhere. ”Someone must know where he is.” Ethan looked around him.

The battle was still going on in the Underworld, and all the surviving Court Chiefs were there. Ethan went over and looked at all the fighters. “I do not wish to kill any of you.” Ethan demanded, “Tell me where Greedy Wolf is hiding right now.”

He did not want to waste any more time with the Underworld fighters. The only reason he launched the attack was so he could find Greedy Wolf. As long as he killed Greedy Wolf, he would also kill Demon King, and that would grant peace to the world.

“You think you’re so strong, big guy? Kill me if you dare! But if the Underworld loses its balance, the world will descend into chaos as well! Now kill me! Kill me, you mother f*cker! Kill me!”

“Our king will avenge us, you fool! Now kill us!”

The warriors never expected the Underworld warriors to lose so quickly to Brother Geoff and his lackeys. These guys are insane! They’re no mere men anymore! They are beasts!

Ethan went over and looked at the man who yelled at him earlier. He shook his head and sent the man flying with a single flick. He fell to the ground with a thud, and he spewed blood everywhere.


He looked at another fighter. “Where is Greedy Wolf? Tell me.”

“I-I do not know where he is!” The man gritted his teeth. “I thought you said you don’t want to kill us! I do not know where he is! I swear!”

Greedy Wolf would never tell him where he went. After all, the man was just a Court Chief, and someone like him was just like a mere dog to Greedy Wolf. There was no value in divulging any information to him.


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