Billionaire God of War Chapter 2418

Chapter 2418

It was apparent that they had a lot of things to dig into.

To them, not knowing what to expect was never a good sign.

Their utmost priority at the moment was to grasp the situation they were in. They needed to at least find out about Demon King’s weaknesses. Without that knowledge, how are they going to defeat him?

The world would never be in peace as long as Demon King lived.

Ethan walked to the door and looked out. The streets were still bustling with people. None of them was aware of the heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

Everything seemed so peaceful and in order because he was bearing the cross.

“Keep a lookout on Greencliff,” Ethan turned to Peter Pan.

“Shouldn’t I go with you?” Peter Pan was concerned.

“Not to worry. I’m okay on my own. We need people in Greencliff. Either one of us has to guard this city to keep the people safe.”

Peter Pan nodded.

They didn’t know where Greedy Wolf had gone to, and who knows when he would appear again? Unfortunately, time was ticking.

They couldn’t just do nothing as Demon King recollected his scattered soul. If things really came to that point, they’d all be doomed.

To prevent the others from worrying, Ethan didn’t tell them about his departure.

He needn’t fret too much about Greencliff since Peter Pan was on watch. Greedy Wolf was also trying to save himself. Everyone had the same enemy—Demon King!

Again, Ethan went to Heavenly Palace.

This time, he noticed some changes in the environment.

It was covered in layers and layers of thick but soothing fog.

He knew that it was from the condensed vapor of the Longevity Pond. Thanks to it, Heavenly Palace didn’t look too dead. However, it’d take time to rebuild this place into its original state.

As Ethan looked back on the path he took, memories poured in. His first time here was with Greedy Wolf, and they kept getting into trouble.

There weren’t any obstacles this time round, though.

Some plants could be seen sprouting from the ground, and their supple green hue imbued tranquility into their surroundings. They were symbols of life and a new beginning.

Ethan lowered his stance and fondled one of the sprouting vigors. “Look at this lively being.”

The little thing swayed gently to Ethan’s touch as if it was enjoying the caress.

It shook slightly more fervently as a flurry of air brushed past it.

This heartwarming spring-like atmosphere was indeed a rare affair.

Ethan scanned his surroundings.

Bits of green were seen around the ruins, and the air was charged with life and energy. He could feel that the verdure was working hard to absorb whatever nutriment that was floating in the air.

It felt indescribably magical.

He then stood still and allowed his eyes to wander around as he captured all the changes that had happened. He started wallowing in the comfort of this new ambiance.

We need to revive this place! A sudden urge hit him.

That compulsion was due to the placidness that encompassed him and the vivid energy of those itsy-bitsy greens trying to bring this rubble back to life.

They too wanted to bring this place back from the edge of death!

“If the Underworld signified death, then Heavenly Palace is the symbol of life. But they shouldn’t be against each other,” Ethan muttered.

Life and death are supposed to be one. Only with death will there be new life, no?

If someone heard his thoughts, they would be scratching their heads. It would be a eureka moment for those who understood it, though.

Ethan’s understanding of life and death got deeper in that spur of the moment.

What is life? What is death? What does it mean by life will come after death?

He strolled and continued admiring those young twigs and branches.


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