Billionaire God of War Chapter 2431

Chapter 2431

“Hmph! I’m not going to die before you guys! You guys are always bragging about how great you are, but I’m actually the strongest one here! Make sure to hide behind me so I can protect you all!” One of the wolves shouted.

“Bullsh*t! Have you forgotten how I beat you to tears the last time we fought?” Someone snapped back at him.

It was their habit to bicker on a daily basis, but they stopped halfway through that day as they feared they would jinx themselves with it.

“Rehydrate, and we’ll continue after the break.”

Brother Geoff then chugged on some water from the Longevity Pond before continuing the training.

The rest of the men followed suit without saying another word.

Apart from the location and method of their training, everything else was the same as their usual training.

They would repeat their training and amend whatever mistakes they made, regardless of how small it was. Those who got tired would rest and rejuvenate by drinking the water from the Longevity Pond before resuming their training.

As time went by, all eighteen of them had perfected their coordination and were moving through the Boulder Formation with ease at blinding speeds.

Their attacks were as fast as lightning, and their defenses were as solid as rock. Even Peter Pan was in complete awe when he saw the speed at which they alternated between the two.

The level of coordination that Brother Geoff and his men had developed was only possible through fighting side by side for many years.

The Boulder Formation was designed with the sole purpose of killing Greedy Wolf.

Meanwhile, Greedy Wolf returned to the cemetery in the Underworld once again.

He then threw the memorial tablets of his predecessors to the ground and crushed them beneath his heel.

“Did these outdated old fools really think they could stop me?” he shouted arrogantly in Demon King’s voice.

Greedy Wolf plans on absorbing me through the use of my predecessors’ souls, but he’s too naïve for his own good! We Demon Kings grow stronger with each generation, so there’s no way I’ll ever lose! I am the strongest Demon King to date! I’m an invincible being capable of achieving longevity!

He then slammed both arms into the ground, causing it to crack open instantly. After that, bottles came floating out of the crack one after another.

“You wanted to absorb my predecessors so you could keep me under control, didn’t you? Let’s see how well it works, then!”

Moments later, the dozens of bottles all exploded at the same time, and the memorial hall was instantly filled with violent, howling winds.

As the winds continued to howl, the souls of the predecessors could be seen flying straight toward Greedy Wolf. However, he simply stood there and let them come at him.

The souls tried to consume and bite at Greedy Wolf, but it didn’t seem to do anything at all.

“Hmph! I’ll start with you, weakling!”

The voice of Demon King was heard as Greedy Wolf grabbed one of the souls and swallowed it whole.

Whatever energy the soul contained had vanished in an instant as Demon King digested it completely.

Greedy Wolf could clearly feel Demon King’s soul getting slightly stronger in the process.

“What are you trying to do?” Greedy Wolf asked.

“I should be able to regain seventy percent of my strength once I consume these souls. You ignorant fools have no idea how powerful I used to be! I was the strongest, and I will always be the strongest! Hahahaha!”


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