Billionaire God of War Chapter 2433

Chapter 2433

“We will serve you until we die!” everyone shouted in unison.

“Find out where the final Source is, and bring her to me. I need her right now!” Demon King ordered.

“Yes, My King!”

With that, everyone hurried off into the distance.

Vinny was fast and soon made it to the Underworld entrance.

Demon King is asking us to bring him Ethan’s daughter! How on earth are we supposed to capture her? Ethan is just as powerful as Demon King, so we’re no match for him at all! He spared our lives once back then, but I doubt he’ll be so merciful if we attack him again. Demon King will kill me if I don’t go after her, and Ethan will kill me if I do. Honestly, I bet even dogs live better lives than we do! At least their owners won’t punish or kill them at will!

He thought to himself with a conflicted look on his face.

Eventually, Vinny decided to split up from the group and headed over to Greencliff all by himself.

He chose to go there because he knew Ethan was there. He was so terrified that he couldn’t even care less if Kye was there as well.

Greencliff was different from the other cities out there.

Vinny could sense the difference the moment he entered the city. He felt as if someone was watching his every move the whole time, and yet he couldn’t determine who it was despite his high skill level.

However, Vinny didn’t care about that as he knew it wasn’t hard to find Ethan in this city.

He soon found out where Ethan was and headed over to Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

“I’m here to see Ethan,” Vinny said straightforwardly upon arriving at the entrance.

“Who are you?” asked the man at the entrance.

“My name is Vinny. This is urgent, and none of you could possibly bear the consequences if anything were to go wrong,” he replied.

The man then ran off to make a phone call and report the situation. Moments later, he came back and told Vinny, “He isn’t in today. You can go visit him at his house.”

No one was afraid of troublemakers in Greencliff, especially if they were looking for Ethan.

Vinny nodded and asked for directions to the Palmer family mansion before heading off. To his surprise, no one seemed to fear him in the slightest even though he was emanating a very powerful aura wherever he went.

He ran into security once again outside the Palmer family mansion, but they let him in immediately after he told them the purpose of his visit.

Do they trust me that much? Or do they not see me as a threat at all?

Vinny’s questions were answered the moment he entered the mansion. He detected two incredibly terrifying auras alongside many other powerful ones.

Wow, the Palmer family sure has a lot of powerful fighters… No wonder they aren’t afraid of me causing trouble… Well, I suppose it is a very safe place for Ethan to be.

“Please wait a moment.”

Vinny was told to sit down at a marble table in the yard while he waited for Ethan. A few minutes later, Ethan came out of the backyard with his body covered in dirt as he had been playing with Kye earlier.

He didn’t look surprised to see Vinny at all.

“Are you not surprised to see me?”

“Nope. I have faith that you’ll always make the right decision. So, did Greedy Wolf send you? Or was it Demon King?”

“I came here on my own. Demon King has recovered quite a lot of his power, but he still needs the final Source. He sent us to come looking for her. I’m sure you know what I mean,” Vinny explained.

“No, not really. Did you come here to tell me that you’re going to take Kye away, or to warn me about Demon King?” Ethan asked.

Vinny fell silent for a moment before replying, “We are no match for either of you, but at least you’re human. Demon King has no sense of humanity whatsoever!”


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