Billionaire God of War Chapter 2440

Chapter 2440

With a loud rumble, a flash of lightning struck the ground and made a crater.

It was as if the heavens could feel the tense atmosphere.

“Waiting for me? Are you waiting for me to kill you?”

With a burst of maniacal laughter, the Demon King’s eyes flew open to reveal his twin iris.

Ethan was unprepared for it. He did not expect the Demon King to be on the brink of a full revival. The demon was now powerful enough to have almost full control of Greedy Wolf’s body—even the twin iris was at his disposal.

Once the Demon King reached his full capacity, there would be few people that could stop him.

“Then, come and kill me!” Ethan challenged as he held up a fist.



The Demon King sprang into action immediately.

With a light tap of his foot, the wind around him swirled and formed a hurricane. The strong gust stirred up the dust and uprooted the grass around him, destroying everything in its path.

The Demon King radiated an aura of death that turned the fresh sprouts yellow, as if they had been robbed of life.

Ethan moved to retaliate. He refused to go down without a fight, literally.


In the blink of an eye, the two bodies crashed together, their fists ramming into the other’s.

The sound of impact reverberated through the air like thunder and left a ringing in their ears. It was like two pieces of metal colliding.


Without hesitation, Ethan threw another punch. He channeled all of his energy into his Extreme Fist Technique and launched a flurry of attacks on the Demon King to cage him in.

It was as if the Qi had created a physical space to entrap the Demon King.

The Demon King replicated Ethan’s actions and locked him up as well.

It was a duel to the death. Only one would leave the battle alive that day, and the Demon King knew well that Ethan would be the one to die.

He did not believe that a mere mortal could match up to his superiority.

Although he had not regained all his power, the Demon King decided that it was the perfect opportunity to test out his newly acquired twin iris.

His eyes locked on Ethan as he scrutinized Ethan’s every move.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ethan’s fists were flying toward the Demon King at a supernatural speed. To the average human, it would appear to be a blur. Every punch carried extreme force and could deal a lot of damage if it connected with its target.

However, the Demon King could follow Ethan’s actions easily.

In fact, he could clearly see the marginal changes in each of Ethan’s punches, as if he were moving in slow motion. With the help of the twin iris, there was nothing that could escape the Demon King’s notice.

Everything was unbelievably clear!

“Your punches are too slow!” the Demon King goaded, extremely satisfied with his twin iris.

Waiting for Greedy Wolf was the right choice. With this twin iris and my powerful demon soul working in synergy, I’m undefeatable! Moreover, the Heavenly Palace has been demolished, so there’s no one that can stop me! Once I obtain the last Source and revive all my soul fragments, I’ll be able to reach the peak of my abilities and achieve eternal life. When the day comes, I’ll be invincible!

At the thought of this, the Demon King’s eyes glinted coldly while his lips quirked up in an egotistical smirk.

“Hurry up! Come on, speed up!”

“How are you going to kill me with those slow punches?”

“Ethan, oh, Ethan. You may seem untouchable to a mortal, but you can’t hold a candle to true power!”

The Demon King deftly dodged Ethan’s attacks while he taunted Ethan with patronizing remarks. “At the end of the day, you’re only human. There’s no way you can hold your own against a deity!”

“Are you saying that you’re a deity?” Ethan scoffed and threw another punch, which the Demon King easily intercepted. “Wouldn’t that make me a deity-murderer if I manage to kill you?”


Ethan exerted such great force with his next punch that the Demon King slid back a few inches.

However, the Demon King appeared unruffled.

“Quite an impressive move. Sadly, you’re not the right person to execute it,” he commented nonchalantly. “With your abilities, you can’t even unleash a tenth of its true power.”

Ethan’s pupils constricted.

A tenth?


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