Billionaire God of War Chapter 2441

Chapter 2441

The move I used is already the best amongst the Extreme Fist Technique that I know of, yet the Demon King is saying that I haven’t even achieved a tenth of its full capacity?

“You seem to know a lot about it. Could it be that this was the technique that shattered you to pieces that year?” Ethan provoked the Demon King.

It seemed like Ethan had hit him where it hurt. The Demon King’s expression darkened as he sneered, “You’re playing with fire!”

With that, the Demon King began to move faster as he went on the offensive.

His fists instantaneously transformed into sharp claws that resembled blades. He swiped at Ethan’s head without mercy. Each blow would be fatal if it hit its mark, but Ethan remained unperturbed. He continued to deflect the Demon King’s attacks with his own moves.

Ethan was well aware that the Demon King was more powerful now that the demon had the Greedy Wolf’s twin iris.

The twin iris enabled the Demon King to see a lot of things that were previously imperceptible to him.

However, the twin iris was not all-seeing.


All of a sudden, Ethan swung his fist in a mean uppercut. The Demon King chuckled mirthlessly, seemingly amused by Ethan’s audacity to use a technique that he had just seen.

He easily parried Ethan’s punch and overpowered him. Since Ethan had performed the same combination earlier, the Demon King had already identified the crack in his defense. Unfortunately for Ethan, he had not mastered the essence of this technique.


With a loud roar, the Demon King’s hand transformed into a sharp dagger. He nimbly avoided all of Ethan’s incoming punches and aimed for the man’s heart.

This was the vulnerable point the Demon King had noticed earlier.

The twin iris merged into one as he seized his chance, his movements inhumanly fast.

Ethan can’t block this attempt now. The Demon King gloated internally.

However, instead of piercing warm flesh, the Demon King’s blade stabbed thin air.

What the… Where did Ethan go?

Ethan had side-stepped in the last second and narrowly dodged the attack.

His move before was just a decoy; the real attack was only beginning now.

Just then, Ethan threw a strong punch.


His fist caught the Demon King right in the face.

With a loud boom, the Demon King flew backward and tumbled on the ground. The punch left a red imprint on the demon’s face, which made him look all the more miserable. The Demon King scowled at Ethan, his glare oozing bloodlust.

“Barely a tenth of understanding, yet I still managed to land a punch. Does that mean that you would meet your end a lot faster if I’ve perfected the technique?”

Ethan casually observed his knuckles as he mocked the Demon King, “Oh, poor thing. You must be feeling so angry and indignant. You don’t seem to know how to use your twin iris too.”

With a cold snicker, the Demon King climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. His eyes riveted on Ethan, and a strange smile played on his lips. The brief defeat did not seem to rattle him at all.

“I suppose you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Unfortunately, that won’t do you any good.”

His twin iris separated once again as he recalled Ethan’s punch earlier. The move was peculiar and unconventional, and certainly out of the Demon King’s expectations. It appeared that even the twin iris had a blind spot, and Ethan was able to use this to his advantage.


He lunged at Ethan again.


Yet another hit, and it was of the same technique as its predecessor. Ethan’s fake moves were far too realistic for the Demon King to differentiate, and he fell into Ethan’s trap once again. This time, Ethan slapped the Demon King across the face with such strength that the demon was thrown several meters away.

A punch mark adorned one side of the Demon King’s face while the outline of Ethan’s hand embellished the other.

The slap had hurt the Demon King’s pride more than his face. Ethan had trampled all over his dignity. Furious, the Demon King’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as he glowered at Ethan.

“You! You insolent fool!” the Demon King spluttered in anger.

“Ethan, I will kill you today!” he bellowed.

“Well, it’s time you walk your talk.” The satirical tilt of Ethan’s voice drove the Demon King insane. He knew that Ethan had a dark side and had planned to incite it, but it seemed like the tables had turned, and Ethan was the one aggravating him.

Right after that, man and demon engaged in another intense battle. They fought like wild beasts, each punch and kick creating a deafening boom when it found its mark.

In the meantime, Brother Geoff and the rest of the team were crouched behind the Boulder Formation. Adrenaline coursed through their veins as they witnessed the battle of the century.

“Prepare yourselves!”

Brother Geoff inhaled sharply and declared, “Today, we’ll capture the demon with the Demon Subduing Ring!”


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