Billionaire God of War Chapter 2475

Chapter 2475

Back then, the Demon King had reduced this entire place to nothing but rubble. Now, Greedy Wolf is going to do the same thing to the entire world…

“I’m going to kill you!” Peter Pan muttered through clenched teeth.

Even though he was no longer a match for Greedy Wolf, he was willing to try and take Greedy Wolf down even if it meant sacrificing his life.

All he could do was try his best to maximize his strength and increase his chances of killing Greedy Wolf.

Meanwhile, Greedy Wolf hadn’t left the massive grave in the Underworld as he still had great use for it.

He was in the process of constructing a massive formation capable of destroying the world.

That was something he had always wanted to do. Although absorbing the Demon King’s soul had granted him immense power, his mind had also been affected as a result. It was as if their two souls had been merged into one.

The change in his personality was so huge that it felt like he was a completely different person altogether.

Some of the characteristics he shared with the Demon King were amplified, and some of his own unique traits were lost.

Of course, Greedy Wolf was unaware of those changes, nor would he care about them as he patiently constructed the formation little by little.

It was the most crucial part of his plan that would soon come to fruition, so he had to ensure it would work perfectly when he needed it.

“What is eternal life? There is no such thing as eternal life! Death is the way to a new life, and destruction will help bring upon said death!” Greedy Wolf mumbled to himself while cackling like a madman.

If someone were to overhear what he said, they would probably freak out and run.

Fortunately, there was nobody around as everyone in the Underworld was busy trying to escape the place.

The massive formation looked extremely complicated when viewed from the skies above, but Greedy Wolf was able to construct it perfectly as if it had been burned into his memory.

Even Ethan would’ve gasped in awe if he were there to witness it.

It was a Nine Star Formation, which was a lot more complex and powerful than the Six Star Formation that Ethan had previously constructed. Should the formation be successfully constructed, its destructive power could potentially destroy the entire world.

No one had any idea what Greedy Wolf was planning on doing.

Time continued to tick by, but Greedy Wolf was in no rush at all.

He knew very well that his plan was sure to succeed, so all he had to do was have his body fulfill his soul’s desires.

His dream of eternal life would come true when the formation was unleashed.

At long last, the construction of the Nine Star Formation was complete.

As the final rune was written, the entire formation shook violently and emanated a strong aura that seemed to affect everything around it.

Every single grain of sand in the area had been completely frozen in place.

The fact that the Nine Star Formation could manipulate everything around it showed just how terrifyingly powerful it was.

Standing right in the middle of it, Greedy Wolf slowly raised his arms.

All the preparations were complete, and the long-awaited moment had finally arrived.


The deafening sound of thunder tore through the Underworld as dark clouds gathered in the sky above, covering the entire desert in darkness.

“Here it is! The time has finally come!” Greedy Wolf exclaimed as he looked up at the thunderclouds.

Oh, I’ve waited countless years and sacrificed far too much for this very moment! I went as far as killing my friend, Broken Soldier; injuring Celaine, the woman I love most; and now, I’m going to destroy the world!

With that in mind, Greedy Wolf stretched his hands out and shouted, “Now, let’s get started!”


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