Billionaire God of War Chapter 2479

Chapter 2479

Brother Geoff and the others were all affected by the souls and ran out of the Longevity Pond one after another.

Fortunately for them, they were able to retain some degree of control over themselves due to their strong sense of responsibility.

It was such an impressive feat that Celaine found herself gasping in awe at their mental strength.

However, her next gasp was in shock when she turned around and saw that the look on Ethan’s face had changed. Oh, no… Is he affected too? I sure hope he doesn’t have any darkness in his heart! If it gets amplified and causes him to lose control, there is no one here that can stop him!


Ethan looked up at her with slightly bloodshot eyes before shaking his head to suppress the urge.

“I’m all right. How do we get rid of these souls?” he asked.

The Demon King told me that I have darkness in my heart that he could take advantage of to dominate the world. Who would’ve thought it’d be Greedy Wolf who used it instead… I can’t imagine how chaotic things must be out there if the whole world is affected by this. Greencliff must be in trouble!

“Let me think, let me think…”

Celaine could see that Ethan had been surrounded by a huge amount of souls.

There were souls around her too, but they didn’t affect her much due to her Guidance ability.

Suddenly, Celaine turned around and called out, “Kye!”

Kye was standing there, trembling in fear with her eyes all red.

She knew something was wrong when she saw Peter Pan and the others go crazy. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw that Ethan was rooted to the ground where he stood.

“What’s going on? I’m really scared!” Kye sobbed.

Celaine took a deep breath and yelled, “Grab hold of your necklace! Hurry!”

Thank goodness I gave that necklace back to her! These souls fear objects with yang energy!

Kye quickly grabbed the necklace in front of her chest. “Will this thing protect me, Fairy Lady?”

“Yes, it will! Make sure you don’t take it off!” Celaine shouted anxiously.

To her surprise, Kye immediately removed the necklace and ran toward Ethan after hearing that.

“This necklace will protect you, Daddy!” she said while wrapping it around his wrist.

Ethan’s eyes teared up instantly. He wanted to stop her, but he didn’t dare make any sudden moves. “Put it back on yourself, Princess! Hurry!”

Although he was able to keep himself under control, Kye was still a child and lacked the mental strength required.

“I don’t need it! I want to protect you, Daddy!” Kye argued stubbornly.

Noticing that the souls had set their sights on Kye, Celaine tried her best to warn her, “Watch out, Kye!”

She wanted to rush to Kye’s side, but she was too weak to even stand up. All she could do was sit there and watch helplessly as a soul made its way into Kye’s body.

However, what happened next shocked both Celaine and Ethan equally.

Wait… Why is Kye unaffected?

“Huh? What was that thing? It tickles! Did you see that, Fairy Lady? Who’s tickling me?”

Another soul tried entering Kye’s body, but it still didn’t seem to make her lose control or anything. Even when the soul dove deep into her heart, all Kye felt was someone tickling her.

“Oh, my God! It tickles so much! Please stop this! What is this thing? Is it a tick? I take my showers on time, so I shouldn’t be having ticks!” Kye exclaimed while squirming about.

Ethan forcefully suppressed his feelings of nervousness and knelt down beside her as he asked, “How are you feeling, Princess?”

“Nothing much. It just itches like a mosquito bite, that’s all. Do you have some herbal lotion, Daddy?”

Ethan turned to look at Celaine and saw the look of disbelief on her face.

“Could it be that Princess has a truly pure heart?”


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