Billionaire God of War Chapter 2484

Chapter 2484

Ethan stomped the ground forcefully and the Nine Star Formation shone instantly as it buzzed.


The ground started shaking as countless formation lines began to shine brightly.

Kye was overwhelmed with excitement as she witnessed that majestic scene.

She looked at Ethan with even more admiration.

Daddy is so powerful!

Ethan had no time to appreciate his daughter’s admiration for him, however, as he was busy casting many formation lines to form a new formation connected to the Nine Star Formation.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The ground trembled violently as rays of light shot into the sky like meteors.

“Princess, I need you stand completely still, okay? I’ll be needing your help very soon.”


Kye sounded utterly enthusiastic.

Meanwhile, Peter Pan and Celaine had begun a mass slaughter.

They were both the strongest elite of their times, and their ability did not seem to fade at all with the passing of time.

“Seven Kill Fist!” Peter Pan roared as he rained down attacks at the enemies mercilessly.

He would not allow anyone to try to interfere with Ethan’s plan.

On the other hand, even though Celaine was still injured, her remaining strength was more than adequate to deal with the enemies.

She shouted, “We must stop them! Ethan has already started. Don’t let them go near him!”

Even though Peter Pan was not young anymore, he still possessed an extraordinary amount of strength. After drinking from the Longevity Pond, he seemed to have limitless power.

His Seven Kill Fist enabled him to defeat many men with one move.

“Come on then! Who’s next to die?” Peter Pan roared.

He was like a wrought iron gate. No one from the Underworld was able to get through him.

Even though those men were being controlled by Greedy Wolf and were not conscious of their deeds, it did not mean Peter Pan would show any mercy to them.

After all, what Ethan was doing now did not have any room for mistakes.

Peter Pan and Celaine guarded the border with all of their might, making the enemies helpless to do anything about it.

At that moment, Ethan started activating the Nine Star Formation.

It was the same as the previous Nine Star Formation. However, unlike Greedy Wolf’s, Ethan was trying to grab those souls back.

The star formation turned into countless asteroids and flew toward all corners of the world.

In a dark alleyway, a soul was trying to move on to another target. However, before it could, it was shot by a beam of light and was captured instantly, without any chance to escape.

The same situation was happening all across the world.

Those wandering souls that were lurking around looking for their next prey were all captured by the Nine Star Formation and brought back to the Underworld.

The formation continued to shine and shoot out rays of light. It was like a hunter tracking down all the souls and detaining them.

Ethan lifted his head and gazed at the sky full of dark clouds. Countless souls had already been captured within the formation.


Those souls struggled wrathfully as they tried to attack Ethan and Kye.

However, those souls could not get close at all as there was a massive barrier of protection surrounding Ethan. Meanwhile, Kye was sitting there, not intimidated whatsoever by the chaos above her.


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