Billionaire God of War Chapter 2487

Chapter 2487

This, too, would be their best shot at it.

Ethan acknowledged that with a nod. He said no more and immediately led them back to Greencliff afterward.

He was at ease now that peace had finally returned to Greencliff.

Tom Foster immediately got to work with those from the legal circles to quickly restore the damaged areas in Greencliff. As this was their home, they could not stand for any part of it to remain in shambles.

“Greencliff hasn’t seen the worst of it compared to some other cities that may still need more time to regain their vitality. Fortunately, we’ve been able to curb the problem at its source, and that can only be a good thing going forward,” said a lamenting Tom Foster.

“Yeah. I feel much assured with you overseeing things in Greencliff,” Ethan said.

He had Kye sent home, and this time, without the company of Brother Geoff and the others as well.

Since they have yet to recover fully from their injuries, their presence there won’t be particularly meaningful. It might be better for them to stay put in Greencliff to facilitate their own recuperation.

Following that, the trio of Ethan, Peter Pan, and Celaine left Greencliff in search of Greedy Wolf.

This time, their aim was more overt; That was to kill Greedy Wolf and rid themselves of this great menace!

According to Celaine, Greedy Wolf could have gone to Immortal Island. Not the actual place itself, merely its namesake. Back then, it was owing to being placed there by Greedy Wolf that kept her alive.

That location could be described as an out-worldly paradise. Uninhabited and hidden within the vastness of the ocean, it was the sort of island that no ordinary folk would look to tread upon.

After the trio arrived on its shores by sea, they headed straight into the depths of the wilderness.

“Do you find this environment familiar, by any chance?” Celaine commented when she noticed Peter Pan surveying their surroundings.

“Somewhat. It reminds me of the place we used to reside at.”

Back in the day, the four of them got together rather often. In a way, both locales were quite identical, but the times had changed. Allies from yesteryear had now become enemies.

Their purpose here was to take the life of Greedy Wolf, a friend they had known for ages.

However, none of them would be hesitant about this in the least.

Everywhere Ethan surveyed appeared to have been managed quite meticulously, and quite remarkably at that. It would seem that Greedy Wolf was really fond of some things from their collective past.

That fellow has always been a walking contradiction who could not be understood by conventional terms. One would be perfectly justified in deeming him cruel and callous, cold and conniving, as well as quixotically sentimental, all in the same breath. Greedy Wolf is that complicated a character.


Ethan came to a sudden halt. In response, Peter Pan and Celaine clammed up promptly as well.

All three of them wore the same solemn look on their faces.

“He should be here!”

When Ethan looked to the ground, he spotted a recently formed footprint. If memory served, it’s Greedy Wolf’s, there’s no doubt about it!

Greedy Wolf’s presence here was truly unexpected.

Celaine and Peter Pan exchanged knowing looks and nodded. Immediately afterward, they quietly split up and went off in opposite directions. Had Greedy Wolf indeed modeled the place after how it used to be in the past, then they ought to find themselves quite familiar with this terrain.

Ethan was in no hurry to act even as he watched the other two scuttle off, for he would be advancing down the middle while they approached from the flanks in a pincer.

“You’d best be here, Greedy Wolf, and save me the trouble of having to hunt you down. Let’s settle this once and for all,” Ethan said staidly.

With that, he picked up his pace and shot himself out like a ray of light.

Meanwhile, in a wooden hut that stood in the deepest recesses of this Immortal Island, a man was using the place as his abode for the time being.

The man was none other than Greedy Wolf.

Just as Celaine predicted, Greedy Wolf had come here to completely merge with the Demon King’s remnant soul and enable his own ability to reach its true potential.

At present, he was massively influenced by the Demon King. His ability notwithstanding, his personality and temperament had become subordinated to it as well. Deep inside, though, he nonetheless remained very much Greedy Wolf at heart.

In his memories, that was how Immortal Island used to look, with every tree and every blade of grass around him fashioned as he thought they should be.

How wonderful would it be if we are able to just return to the past?


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