Billionaire God of War Chapter 489

Chapter 489

Two legs landed on Tristan’s chest and sent him flying and crashing hard onto the floor.

Since he was kneeling, his rivals weren’t going to lose this chance!

“Beg him?”

“What is he even?”

“Nobody is going to stop us from killing them!”

The six of them laughed loudly. The fighters from both families were still competing to see who killed more people.

Tristan was sprawled on the floor and threw up a mouthful of blood. He didn’t care about his injuries and didn’t care if he died. But he didn’t want anything to happen to his sister!

“Ethan…save my sister!” He struggled to get up, then knelt towards Ethan again. “I’ll use my life in exchange!”

Sabine’s eyes were all red.

“No! Don’t!”

She watched as the two men made their way towards Tristan again and wished she would die now so that she wouldn’t drag her brother down with her.

“Nobody can save you two.” Adam looked up at Ethan. “I can’t believe you two are stupid enough to think that someone would.”

“The one who chooses to do the right thing at the right time is an intelligent man. I’m sure you understand that.”

His words carried a warning and a threat!

Ethan sipped his tea, put down the teacup gently, then smiled faintly.

“No, I don’t understand that.”

Just as he finished speaking.

The teacup on the table suddenly came flying towards Adam like a bullet.

Adam’s eyes narrowed and he immediately used the knife in his hand to block it.

It was too fast!

The teacup hit the knife so hard that the vibration made his wrist numb and he immediately scrambled backwards.

Adam pulled himself together quickly and there was a glint in his eyes as he swung the knife towards Sabine’s throat again.


A strong gust of wind hit him, and Ethan appeared in front of him.

That was impossible!

How was he so fast?

Adam’s arm was still in mid air and hadn’t reached Sabine’s throat yet.

“You’re asking for it!”

He twisted his waist so that the sharp knife was now aimed for Ethan’s heart.

But Ethan’s fist was too fast.

One punch!

His punch was like a shell that crashed heavily on Adam’s chest before he could even bring the knife down.

There was a tremendous boom.


Adam went flying out and stopped only after rolling several times on the floor.

He looked up in terror at Ethan. He wiped the blood from his lips and said threateningly, “He’s a highly skilled fighter!”

He didn’t think that this fellow in front of him was this terrifying!

If that punch had landed an inch further to his left, then he would probably be dead by now.

The other five immediately rushed over and couldn’t be bothered to kill Tristan and Sabine now.

This one punch shocked them beyond belief.

How did someone so terrifying exist in the Wren family?

“Who are you?!” Adam demanded loudly. His eyes were wary and didn’t have any of the disdain he had earlier.

“Ethan Hunt from Greencliff.” Ethan scanned all of them and nodded satisfactorily. “You’re all gathered here now. After hiding for so long, you’re all finally out.”

Sabine was completely dumbfounded.

She didn’t know what happened at all. Ethan was behind her just now, so how…how was he in front of her now?

And how did he send Adam flying with one punch?

Everything happened too quickly and she didn’t see anything.

Even Tristan only saw Ethan’s shadow from afar. He had appeared in front of Adam like a ghost.

And that punch…

If Tristan was the one who got punched, he would be dead by now!


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