Billionaire God of War Chapter 490

Chapter 490

“Greencliff? That forbidden territory?”

The ones from the Aker family immediately remembered him. Jonathan had been taught a lesson by this Ethan and embarrassed their family.

But since Ethan dared not kill Jonathan, it meant that he was wary of the Aker family.

But now he was going up against the Aker family!

“I’d advise you not to be a busybody,” said Adam coldly.

“Did you hear that earlier?” asked Ethan. “That boy has knelt down to beg me. So from today onwards, his life belongs to me. Besides myself, nobody else is allowed to kill him.”

“What bold words!”

“Kill him!”

Six of them exchanged glances and didn’t hesitate any longer.

If they didn’t kill Ethan, there was probably no way to kill Sabine and Tristan.

What was this bullshit about Greencliff being a forbidden territory?

They were going to wipe everything out in one night!

Six of them surrounded Ethan.

Sabine felt like her heart was on tenterhooks.

It was too dangerous!

Tristan nearly died just trying to fight two of them.

And now Ethan had to face six of them!

But there was a sudden blast and Adam was sent flying out again.

But this time he didn’t even have the chance to yelp. He crashed hard on the floor and died on the spot.

“One down!” yelled Ethan.

Then he threw a second punch.

After another blast, one of the Aker family members was hit. His chest sank right in as his mouth sprayed blood and his backbone was instantly broken.


“Two down.”

Ethan’s voice sounded like he was a demon from the depths of hell and made the remaining four fear for their lives.

He was so terrifying!

Too terrifying!

How did someone so terrifying even exist?

Ethan’s fists were like the grim reaper’s scythe, and was specially meant for harvesting lives.

“Three down!”

“Four down!”

“Five down!”

Three punches later, three figures went flying out. They all died instantly upon impact and didn’t even have the chance to defend themselves.

The last one standing was trembling violently and didn’t dare to go anywhere close to Ethan.

His lips trembled as he watched Ethan approach him slowly. He was slowly beginning to have a nervous breakdown.

“Don’t come over…don’t come over…”

He felt all his hair stand on end.

Ethan stopped walking towards him and the last one standing breathed a sigh of relief.

But the next thing he knew, a steel bat had stabbed through his heart from the back.

Tristan was holding a steel bat with his hands and had a threatening look on his face.

“Die! Go to hell!”

The six best fighters from the Aker family and the Drake family were all dead!

The wind blew past and blew away the stench of blood. Sabine was still shaking.

Her mind was all blank and couldn’t believe what she just saw.

Was Ethan…a god?

“Sis!” Tristan dashed over and helped Sabine to her feet. He was relieved to see that she was alright.

Sabine had very nearly been killed!

He turned to look at Ethan. The hatred in his heart had turned into gratitude as well as some reverence for Ethan.

He was too strong!

Even a grandmaster fighter would have died at Ethan’s hands.


Sabine tried to speak but she realized that her throat was completely dry and she couldn’t get a single word out.

After swallowing her saliva several times, she finally managed to say, “You…you deliberately waited for the six of them to appear.”

These six men were the ones that the two families had hidden away the most carefully. They were the two families’ trump cards and represented their futures. They were even more important than those two old men who fought for them.

The two families probably thought that it was a good chance for them to understand how powerful their future rivals were, but nobody expected Ethan to be waiting here for them already.

And now, they were all dead.

“If you’re going to trim those plants, then you’ve got to make sure you get rid of the roots,” said Ethan calmly. “Now that the roots are gone, it’s time to get those plants.”


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