Billionaire God of War Chapter 491

Chapter 491

Sabine and Tristan were already numb from their shock.

The six corpses lying in front of them were the hope and future of the Aker family and the Drake family!

Every one of them were no weaker than Tristan, so given enough time, these two families would surely be able to control Starling City, and the Wren family was destined to perish.

But now?

All six of them had died on the spot.

While the Wren siblings were alive and well.

“Trim the plants?” Sabine’s lips were still trembling.

For that moment as she stood behind Ethan, she felt like she was looking at a god.

The aura around Ethan made her entire soul tremble.

Was he…was he a god?

“I’ll leave those withering plants for you two to take revenge,” said Ethan. “I’m not interested.”

If Tristan couldn’t even handle Cade and Ian while they were still severely injured, then the Wren family was definitely doomed.

Ethan’s aim was to get rid of ones who held these families together. It was enough that he had killed off their next generation.

“Why did you help us?” Sabine bit her lips. The eyes that looked towards Ethan were still trembling.

She wasn’t sure what emotions she was going through right now.

There was some shock, some fear, and she started to idolize Ethan now.

She probably didn’t even know what her emotions were anymore.

“This is what Alrich used his life in exchange for.”

Ethan then put his hands behind his back and left.

Tristan’s hands were still shaking and he finally snapped back to reality after Ethan had already disappeared into the distance.

“Sis, why…why did he do this?”

What Tristan was trying to ask was why Ethan wanted to uproot the Aker family and the Drake family. The six men they had hidden away so carefully were clearly the two families’ hope and future.

Even the Wren family never knew about them.

If all this didn’t happen and they didn’t have to expose these six prematurely, then Starling City would probably have no place for the Wren family in the future either.

“Why…?” Sabine laughed bitterly. She wouldn’t know why.

She turned to look at Tom Foster who hadn’t left yet. The meaning in her eyes was very clear.

“I suppose it’s because his wife is on the way to Starling City, and I suppose she will come latest by the end of the month. Big Boss doesn’t want any unnecessary people to stick around and affect her mood,” explained Tom Foster calmly.

His words were like a bolt of lightning that struck the siblings’ heads.

“He already has a woman by his side?” Sabine asked in surprise. There was a little disappointment in her voice.

She then quickly sorted her thoughts out and said, “It’s impossible for a man like him to have no woman by his side. She must be very outstanding.”

“Big Boss was the one who went after her.”

Tom Foster didn’t say anymore and left.

Sabine and Tristan were still in shock.

“If such a man…took the initiative to go after her, what sort of woman would she be?” Sabine murmured to herself

Tristan glanced at her and sensed something. He didn’t say anything and just shook his head.

A man like Ethan wasn’t easily controlled by any woman. Never mind his sister – there were very few women among the powerful families of the north who had the right to go anywhere close to Ethan.

He was too powerful!

He wasn’t like a normal human being at all. His prowess was too incredible for words.

He had gotten rid of the best that the Aker family and Drake family had hidden away for all these years just so that they wouldn’t affect the mood of a woman?

Thinking about it was already terrifying.

“Nobody can afford to offend this man,” thought Tristan to himself. “And certainly, nobody can afford to offend his woman!”

He took a deep breath and turned to look at Sabine who was still staring into space. “Sis, let’s get ready to attack.”

Sabine snapped back to reality.

Ethan had said so already. He had gotten rid of the roots, so the next thing they had to do was to get rid of Cade and Ian!

This was their chance!

She knew that Ethan had operated quietly from the very beginning and didn’t care about leaving his name in Starling City.

“Let’s make our move!” Sabine immediately replied. “We can’t let the Aker family and the Drake family remain here!”

Tom Foster said that Ethan’s wife was going to reach Starling City by the end of the month. That meant that they had to clean out those two families before the end of the month.

They could not allow the woman precious to Ethan run into any unhappiness at all. They wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences of that.

The Wren family started making preparations.

Sabine called everyone together and headed for the Aker house without hesitation.


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