Billionaire God of War Chapter 495

Chapter 495

These few statements from Thomas made Jack Hunt’s heart tremble violently.

He opened his mouth to speak but didn’t know what to say. Had Ethan done so much just so that Diane could run a company?

Was that a joke?

Ethan was more than capable of giving Diane a company worth a few hundred billion dollars. Why go through so much trouble and make Diane work so hard?

Wasn’t that…wasn’t that too much effort for no good reason?

“Now do you also feel that punk is really too bored?”

Thomas scoffed and didn’t even want to call Ethan by name. “I don’t care what he wants to do. But I would like to see that girl.”

There wasn’t anybody else in the world who could make Ethan do such a thing.

Not even him, Ethan’s biological father!

Thomas wanted to see who was this amazing person called Diane Palmer and wanted to know how she managed to get Ethan to treat her this way.

Jack stiffened up and got a little nervous when he heard that Thomas wanted to see Diane.

“Master, Young Master said that he doesn’t want any of the Hunts to step into Greencliff. Anyone who goes…”

“Anyone who goes will get killed, right?”

Thomas flung the brush onto the paper and the ink immediately stained one section of the paper.

His expression was stern but also rather conflicted. He seemed to be angry, yet also helpless and filled with regret.

“Even if I go, he’ll kill me too.”

Thomas knew this very well.

Ethan definitely dared to kill him.

“Master, please reconsider,” Jack said in a solemn voice.

He had been by Thomas’s side for nearly twenty years and had protected Thomas from countless dangers, so nobody had been able to harm Thomas so far.

But Jack didn’t have any confidence of blocking Ethan.

Especially since he was the Young Master of the Hunt family, Thomas’s very own son!

“I’m just saying,” Thomas was so frustrated. “I know what this fellow is trying to do.”

He was obviously trying to groom Diane.

He was trying to make sure that Diane became outstanding enough to rise above Angelica, the girl who swore to marry nobody else but Ethan at three years old.

The girl who was of high standing in the north and was admired and respected by so many other young women.

But it was hard to make Angelica give up on her own accord.

Unless Diane was really more outstanding than Angelica, that was an impossible task.

Thomas didn’t care about any of this, since that was Ethan’s business. What he was angry about now was that he wanted to see Diane but he still needed Ethan’s permission.

Jack breathed a sigh of relief since Thomas didn’t insist.

He picked up the pen and paper that had fallen to the floor and put it back on the table.

He really didn’t want to face Ethan again.

The last time he met Ethan at Greencliff’s airport, he could feel that Ethan was serious about killing him.

Ethan hated the Hunt family and hated Thomas to the core!

“But I still want to see that girl. If Ethan kills me, then so be it.”

Thomas’s sudden remark frightened Jack so much that his hand shivered and the paper fell onto the floor again.

Jack gulped and his heart was going to leap out of his mouth.

“Master…” He immediately got down on one knee. “Master, please reconsider this carefully!”

This wasn’t a joke!

Given Ethan’s current attitude towards the Hunt family, if Thomas really dared to meet Diane in private, Ethan would take action and he wouldn’t hold back at all.

In this world, as long as Ethan wanted to kill that person, he could definitely kill him!

And because of what happened back then, Thomas was the one person that Ethan wanted to kill the most!


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