Billionaire God of War Chapter 497

Chapter 497

“Ethan! Diane! Time to eat!”

April called out from downstairs.

Diane snapped out of her daze but remained in Ethan’s arms.

“Hubby, I want to tell you about something.”

Ethan nodded.

“Palmer Group has more than 50% of the market share in the southeast region. The sales of our new product has been really shocking, and there are sales channels in Starling City too.”

She looked like a little girl who was hoping for affirmation after getting stellar results. “After much discussion, we’ve decided that the next city we’ll expand into will be Starling City.”

“Oh really?” Ethan had a surprised look on his face. “That’s an internationally renowned city!”


Diane was even happier to see Ethan’s expression. “This is highly classified and very few people know about this plan, so don’t tell anybody else, ok?”

If Palmer Group could become a reputable company in Starling City, that would be a huge advancement for the company.

It was different from just staying in the southeast region and expanding along the coastline.

In order to take this step, you needed both the ability as well as the courage!

“Wifey, you’re amazing!” Ethan kissed her again. “You’re totally my idol.”

His words were dripping with honey and they were so sweet that Diane felt embarrassed. Her face and neck was all red and she wondered if the rest might misunderstand when she went down for dinner.

At the dining table.

Diane kept her head bowed and just ate without talking. April reached out to touch her forehead.

“What’s wrong? Why is your face so red?”

“Nothing, it’s just very warm these days.”

“It is getting quite warm these days, and it’s nearly summer. Jenny is going to take her exams soon.” April laughed and said, “Oh by the way, your grandma and the rest want to come and visit us tomorrow. Your uncle called this morning to let me know.”

Diane looked up when she heard this.

“Since we’ve moved into a new house, it’s only right for them to come over for a meal and have a chat with us. We’re all relatives after all.”

April knew that Diane had gotten very angry the last time she went to visit these relatives. She only got along well with Jared’s family, but she really didn’t want to have anything to do with the rest, like Sherry and family.

But April was a traditional sort of woman and to her, blood was thicker than water. She was filial to her parents and respected her older siblings.

“Yup, we should have them over. Since Mum has already thought it through, then they can come over,” Ethan gently took Diane’s hand and smiled. “Need me to arrange for someone to pick them up?”

“Oh no no!” April quickly replied. “They’ll take the bus over themselves. Your uncle doesn’t want to trouble you, he said so many times.”

“We’re all family, it’s no trouble.”

Ethan turned to Tom Foster and Tom Foster immediately nodded.

“I’ll settle this.”

“I’m so sorry to trouble you.”

April felt bad about it.

She was relieved to see that Ethan wasn’t angry.

The last time Ethan and Diane went to visit her relatives, they had an unpleasant experience there and she was afraid that Ethan would feel upset about having them over. But her mother had called and said she wanted to come over, so April felt that she couldn’t reject her own mother.

William had even nearly quarreled with her over this earlier, saying that she hadn’t considered Ethan’s feelings.

After dinner, Tom Foster immediately left to arrange for this.

Diane went back to the room and looked rather unhappy.

“Can’t you tell that my First Aunt is obviously the one instigating all of this?”

She was a kind person, but she still had a temper. Her family had been bullied so badly by Sherry for so many years, and now they still had to be nice and polite to her.

Goodness knows what other reason they had for coming here.

Diane had no issues if Jared and his family wanted to visit. But she really didn’t like her eldest aunt.

“Didn’t you see that Mum was put in a spot?” Ethan smiled. “What’s a little suffering to me? As long as it doesn’t make things difficult for Mum.”

“I really suspect you’re her biological son!”

Diane scoffed and ignored Ethan. She turned and sat down at her desk to sort out some documents.

The next step in Palmer Group’s plan was to enter the huge city of Starling City.

This step was very important!

If they could stabilize themselves in this large city, then even more opportunities would open for Palmer Group.

Diane placed great importance on this plan and had put in a lot of effort into making it possible. She already had more than ten meetings with the company directors over this matter.

She was going to use the fact that the new product was a bestseller to enter Starling City’s market. Besides, the spokesperson, Victoria Clark, was already based in Starling City.

Diane didn’t want to miss such a good chance.

On top of that, she heard that Starling City was a complicated city and the various powers at work in the city were fairly strong, so it was very difficult for a brand to gain a foothold without relying on any of these existing powers.

But no matter how difficult it was going to be, Diane was very determined to take this step!


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