Billionaire God of War Chapter 498

Chapter 498

She hadn’t forgotten about that very, very outstanding girl who might come to snatch her husband away anytime.

Diane wasn’t going to let that happen.

When Ethan saw how Diane was behaving like a child, he just laughed and didn’t say anything. He didn’t interrupt her and walked out of the room.

Of course Ethan knew why April’s relatives wanted to come.

Palmer Group was now expanding at a rapid speed and Palmer Group was the most famous company in all of Greencliff. It didn’t matter whether you lived in the city, the countryside or even a village – anyone with a child working in Palmer Group would celebrate.

Sherry had insisted that her mother with mobility problems come to visit the Palmer family. Even an idiot could tell what she was after.

April was watching TV on the sofa in the living room.

When she saw Ethan come downstairs, she looked up and asked, “Is Diane busy?”

“Yup. She’s working on the company expansion plans. They’re very important so I don’t want to disturb her.”

“Come over here and sit down with me.”

April pushed the tidbits to Ethan, then picked up an apple and said, “I’ll pare an apple for you.”

“Thanks Mum.”

Ethan sat down and leaned back on the sofa. He had a tired expression and he frowned as he massaged his own temples and exhaled deeply.

He looked like he had just travelled a few thousand miles earlier. His eyes were bloodshot and he was exhausted.

“Are you very tired?” April felt her heart go out to him.

Ethan had contributed so much to the family.

If not for Ethan, her family would probably never have the chance to live so happily.

“A little,” Ethan squeezed a smile out. “But as long as our family is happy, all the work is worth it.”

“You’re such a good boy.”

April felt tears come to her eyes.”

“I used to hate seeing you so much, do you think…”

“That was because you didn’t understand what sort of person I was and you were afraid I would bully Diane. Now you know all about me, and you know only Diane gets to bully me,” said Ethan with a laugh.

“She wouldn’t dare!” April scoffed. “If Diane bullies you, tell me and I’ll teach her a lesson!”

Ethan burst out laughing. He wondered if Diane was sneezing away now.

“Did you meet with any trouble when you went to Starling City?”

“A little,” Ethan sighed. “Palmer Group wants to expand, and they’ll have to enter a big city like Starling City sooner or later. I went to test the market there and I accidentally offended some people.”

April’s expression immediately became nervous.

“Palmer Group has been able to expand so quickly and so well only because Dad and Diane have both put in so much effort. Look at Diane – after she gets home, she still has to work till so late,” said Ethan with an upset voice. “I want to help to share her burden, and I won’t be afraid even if there are twenty or thirty people running after me to beat me up.”

If the Wren siblings heard this, they would have fallen to their knees in shock. Who dared to run after Ethan to beat him up?

That was basically suicide.

But when April heard these words, she felt her heart tremble.

“So many people ran after you to beat you up? Are you hurt anywhere?” asked April anxiously as she hurriedly stood up to check.

“Don’t worry, I’m a fast runner.”

Ethan even looked like he was still scared.

“That’s how it is in business, and you’ll definitely end up offending some people along the way. But Palmer Group is Diane’s dream, so I want to make it come true for her and I don’t want others to dash her dreams.”

He looked at April and shook his head. “Mum, you don’t know about this, but there was a director in the office who went against the rules and secretly arranged for his younger sister to join the company, so she didn’t have to do anything and still got paid. It impacted the company negatively and even affected one of the company’s projects. Diane was so angry, she kept crying.”

April never asked about company matters. William and Diane wouldn’t tell her either, since April was always focused on taking care of the home.

But after hearing all this from Ethan, she realized that her family was working very hard and it was tough to weather all these storms.

She definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy any of this. She wasn’t going to let anyone affect the bliss that her family deserved.

“Mum, don’t worry, I’m young, so I’ll be ok after a good night’s rest.”

Ethan saw that April had finished paring the apple, so he took it from her and started eating it. “Mum, go to bed early. I’ll go to bed after eating the apple too, I’m a little sleepy.”

He then ate the apple and dragged his heavy footsteps up the stairs at the same time.

April felt her heart ache as she saw how exhausted Ethan looked.


At Sherry’s house.

She was rummaging through her closet and there was glee written all over her face.

“Which dress looks nicer on me?”

Sherry stood in front of the mirror and put one dress after another against herself.

“We’re not attending some banquet, why do you bother at all.”

Christopher snorted loudly.

He had been so shocked by Diane the last time. He never expected Palmer Group to be doing so well now. Even those high ranking government officials were so polite to Diane.

He thought that he would get a dressing down when he went to work, but the highest ranking official of his office actually came over to say hello to him the next day!


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