Billionaire God of War Chapter 499

Chapter 499

“What do you know.” Sherry rolled her eyes at him.

“April’s amazing now, and that Palmer Group is even more amazing now! Didn’t you hear? Their new product keeps selling out! I can’t get it in this city at all!”

“This Palmer Group is going to become a multinational company someday!”

Christopher made a face and wanted to say that this had nothing to do with Sherry. Clearly Sherry had never thought this day would come when she was saying all those nasty things about April back then.

“If our son can get into Palmer Group, then his future would certainly be bright!”

Sherry’s eyes were smiling as she talked about this. She had gone to talk to her mother so many times about this matter, and her mother had finally given in and agreed to go to Greencliff with them.

“Given our son’s ability, April has to at least allow him to be a VP in the company, right?”

Sherry had thought about this for a long time already.

Her son always seemed to be so free and he wasn’t at a very good company either, so how much could he earn every year?

If Sherry and Christopher hadn’t saved up enough themselves, they wouldn’t have the money for him to get married or to buy a car.

Now that April’s family was doing well, then she would definitely help her sisters out.

Palmer Group was such a huge company now. Everyone in Greencliff gave a thumbs up when there was any mention of Palmer Group.

Palmer Group’s salary and benefits were excellent, and their reputation was even more admirable. If anyone had a child who got into Palmer Group, the family would throw a big party and light fireworks to celebrate.

“That part is true,” Christopher laughed. “Given our son’s ability, I don’t think it’s a problem for him to be a VP. His annual salary would be at least a million dollars, right?”

“How could that be?” Sherry glared at him. “It would be at least three million dollars!”

“That’s my biological sister we’re talking about! Can our relationship with April be compared with other people?”

Christopher nodded.

During this time, he had also benefited from being related to April’s family. Even those government officials who never cared about his existence before were being polite to him now.

He thought about it for a while, then said, “But you made Diane so unhappy the last time, would she agree?”

Diane was the CEO of Palmer Group, so surely she had a say in this.

“It’s not up to her!” Sherry scoffed. “Once April gives the go ahead, then William and Diane won’t say anything. You think I don’t know those two? They listen to everything April says!”

“Besides, my mum is going along as well. If my mum asks, you think April will dare to disagree? She’s always listened to everything the old lady says!”

Once she could secure the support of April, then everything would go as planned.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became. She started humming to herself and could already imagine how envious and jealous her neighbours would be if they found out that her son was working for Palmer Group.

He was going to be a VP in Palmer Group!

They could throw their weight about after that! Humph!

Sherry nearly couldn’t fall asleep at night. She just felt that time was passing very slowly. Every time she opened her eyes again, she would get upset when she realized it wasn’t morning yet. She couldn’t wait.

Sherry woke up very early the next morning.

She changed into the long red dress that she had carefully chosen the night before to make herself look a little classier.

Even Christopher changed into a brand new suit and leather shoes.

Since they were the parents of a VP at Palmer Group, then they had to make sure they dressed the part.

She yelled at her son, Felix, to get out of bed. “Do you know what time is it? Why are you still sleeping?! Hurry up and get up! Pick your grandma up! We’re going to Greencliff! We’re going to make sure you get to be a VP!”

They drove to Jared’s place.

Sherry got out in a great hurry and ran into the house.

Christopher remained standing at the car and adjusted his tie slightly. He was afraid that walking too much would dirty his leather shoes. They wouldn’t look nice anymore if they were dirtied.

“Mum! MUM!” Sherry yelled very loudly. “I’ve come to pick you up!”

Grandma Baker always woke up very early. She had gotten dressed and packed, and looked quite alert.

She had heard all about how April’s family now lived in a huge bungalow from Sherry, but she didn’t intend to visit them since she was getting on in age and she had trouble walking.

But since Sherry was coming to fetch her, then she thought she should visit.

She was more than happy to see that her children were doing well.

“You’re here,” Grandma Baker smiled. “I was waiting for you to come over.”

Jared and his wife walked out when they heard the commotion. Jenny rubbed her eyes and yawned as she walked out of her room.

It was only 7AM. Who on earth visited others at this hour?

“Sis,” Jared greeted her.

“Jared, I’ve come to pick Mum up. We don’t have any more space in the car, so your family can take the bus.”


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