Billionaire God of War Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Sherry turned to Jared and said this very casually.

In fact, she didn’t even intend to ask Jared’s family along, since they didn’t have anything to do with her family.

But Grandma Baker had insisted that they all go together because it was only right for the siblings to visit one another.

Jared didn’t say anything when he heard this. He had already guessed as much anyway.

This eldest sister of his was probably afraid that he would dirty her car.

Sherry left with the old lady and drove off in no time.

“Pack your things, we’ve got to catch the bus.”

Jared’s wife shrugged. She didn’t care. “I made some pickled radish. April loves these pickled things, so I’ll bring them over.”

She was about to pack the food when she suddenly stopped and said worriedly, “Do you think she would look down on this sort of food now?”

The Palmer family now wasn’t that poor family that had trouble making ends meet anymore.

“Don’t overthink it. Even if others look down on this food, April won’t,” replied Jared. “Bring everything, April has been asking about it several times already.”

“Alright then!”

Jenny yawned and made a face when she saw how easily pleased her mother was.

“Dad, I’ll get changed. Wait for me.”

“Hurry up, we have to catch the bus.”

“Got it.”

Jared was also a little perplexed by this situation. He didn’t want to disturb April actually. It was so troublesome to take care of so many of them at one shot.

He was already happy to see that April and her family were living well. He never thought of giving her trouble just because she was living well. But his mother insisted that he went along, so he didn’t dare to argue with her.

But for them to get to Greencliff, they had to take the public bus, then an intercity bus, then change public buses twice before they could reach April’s new house.

“We should just get a cab all the way there, no point in saving this bit of money,” thought Jared to himself.

Just when they had finished packing, a car honked at their door.

Jared walked out when he heard the honking sound. He saw a black car parked at his door, and he knew at one glance that this car had to be very expensive!

“Are you Mr Jared Baker?”

“Yes yes, that’s right, I’m Jared. Hello hello, you are…?”

Jared ran over and pulled a pack of cigarettes out from his pocket, forgetting that it was a cheap brand and this person might look down on them since he was driving such a nice car.

But Brother Geoff’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the cigarettes. “OH! It’s been a long time since I had a smoke. Thanks Uncle Baker!”

After he followed Ethan around, Tom Foster didn’t allow any of them to smoke because Diane didn’t like the smell of cigarettes, so Brother Geoff quit as quickly as possible.

But he couldn’t resist taking one. He thanked Jared profusely. “Uncle Baker, could I borrow a lighter? I don’t have one on me anymore.”

Jared was surprised at how polite Brother Geoff was, and quickly lit the cigarette for him.

“Big Boss told me to come over to pick you up, is everyone ready to go?”

Brother Geoff finished his cigarette and stood where the wind was blowing the hardest. He hoped the wind could blow away any tobacco smell on him, otherwise Tom Foster was going to nag his ear off.

“We’re ready! We’re ready!” Jared was a little apologetic. “I’m so sorry that you had to come all the way here to pick us up, we’ve really given Ethan trouble again.”

“Don’t say that. Big Boss said that you’re family, so it’s no trouble.”

Jenny and her mother had gotten changed and walked out with some things meant for April’s family.

Jenny’s mother was speechless when she saw the beautiful car waiting outside the door. Ethan was too kind to them!

“Hello Brother Geoff!”

Jenny wasn’t formal around Brother Geoff at all and immediately greeted him. She clasped her hands together politely and said in a very stern voice, “Jenny Baker, Legend of Fairbanks, greets Brother Geoff!”


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