Billionaire God of War Chapter 501

Chapter 501

What was this Legend of Fairbanks about?

Jared and his wife were both stunned by this. Since when did Jenny have such a nickname? This child really had no manners and was spouting nonsense now.

“Greetings to the Legend of Fairbanks!”

But Brother Geoff also clasped his hands in return and greeted her in an equally solemn voice.

Jenny then broke into a smile as she hopped into the car happily. Only Jared and his wife had no idea what was going on.

When did this silly girl become a legend?

And supposedly Fairbanks’? Other people would laugh if they heard her.

They certainly didn’t know that Jenny’s name was one that nobody in Fairbanks’ illegal circle dared to offend, and was to be treated as an honored guest by anyone keeping the order in each district.

The two got into the car cautiously. They were much more careful compared to Jenny, and were really afraid of damaging the real leather seats of the car.

At the same time.

In the Palmer family bungalow.

April had woken up early in the morning to go grocery shopping. She went out as quietly as possible because she was afraid of waking Ethan up.

When she thought about how tired Ethan looked the night before, she felt so bad for her son-in-law.

She decided to make some nourishing soup for him since he was home so as to help him feel more refreshed.

In a bedroom upstairs.

Ethan was already awake. He looked lovingly at Diane as she continued to sleep as her lips twitched slightly.

She seemed to sense that someone was looking at her, so Diane slowly opened her eyes.

Her long eyelashes were like a windscreen wiper that made her sleepy eyes see more clearly.

“What time is it now?” she asked while yawning.

“It’s late enough for the sun to shine in,” Ethan pointed at how the sunshine had hit the bed through the window. “They’re probably almost here.”

Diane made a face when she heard this. She was still upset that Ethan wasn’t on her side the night before.

“You know how that First Aunt of mine is,” Diane whined. “She doesn’t do anything for nothing. She’s brought my grandmother along, so she’s definitely up to something. My mum would be in a tougher situation when that happens!”

She knew Sherry’s family well, and understood her own mother well too.

No matter what request Sherry’s family made, as long as her grandmother put in a good word for them, April wouldn’t be able to turn them down.

She was always so softhearted.

“Then? Your grandmother wants to visit us, so surely we can’t turn her down, right?” Ethan laughed and gently patted Diane’s head. “Alright now, don’t worry. Mum knows what to do, it’ll be fine.”

“Hurry up and wash up. Don’t tell me you want them to see how messy your hair is and how filthy your face is, right?”


Diane sat up immediately. Was her hair messy and her face dirty?

Was she such a mess when she slept?!

She dashed into the bathroom to wash up.

After a while, the security guards outside reported that someone wanted to come in and asked if the family knew them.

After getting permission from the owner, Sherry’s car was allowed into the estate.

“So this is what a bungalow estate looks like!” Sherry’s eyes lit up. “It’ll be great if we could live in such a place!”

“The bungalows here are very expensive. Each one is at least $10 million.”

Christopher took a deep breath.

He had checked the prices on the internet. The property prices in Greencliff didn’t go up and it never would, but this sort of bungalow was a status symbol in the first place, so there was no way the price would be low.

“At least $10 million? April’s family is filthy rich now!”

If she knew that the entire estate was bought by Ethan, she might have been too shocked to speak.

Sherry gasped and thought to herself, “Once my son becomes a VP, then we could buy one in a few years too!”


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