Billionaire God of War Chapter 502

Chapter 502

“Mum, do you see that?” Sherry pulled on her mother’s arm and pointed to the bungalows in the distance. “April lives in this sort of place now!”

Grandma Baker smiled and nodded. “Good, good, as long as she’s living well.”

“You should move over too!” Sherry rolled her eyes. “What’s the point in living with Jared? That old house of his is so small! I’ll talk to April about this. Now that she’s rich, she doesn’t know how to take care of her mother anymore. I’ll help you criticize her.”

When the car drove to the first bungalow and saw the BMWs parked there, Sherry knew they had arrived at the right place.

She got Felix to stop the car. She helped her mother out of the car and started shouting very loudly.

“April! Mum is here! Aren’t you coming out to fetch her?!”

She helped the old lady along as she continued to grumble, “This April is putting on airs now that she’s rich. She’s terrible, can’t even come out to fetch her mum now.”

Sherry had reached the door when April walked out of the kitchen.

It couldn’t be helped. The house was so large, it took time to walk from the kitchen to the door.

“Mum!” April greeted her and immediately went to help her mother since she had trouble walking. “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“Come in!”

Grandma Baker smiled and nodded.

The moment they walked in, Sherry’s family was stunned.

This bungalow was huge!

Her house was about 2500 square feet and that wasn’t too bad. But April’s bungalow had to be at least 7500 square feet on the first floor. And it was a triple story bungalow!

Even though Christopher had seen his fair share of fancy houses, this sort of bungalow still made his head spin.

He knew very well that anyone who could live in such a place was definitely very wealthy and it was beyond his imagination.

But once his son got into Palmer Group and earned three million a year plus some additional benefits, they could move into a house like that in two years.

“We could just buy the one next door, it looks pretty good too,” thought Christopher to himself.

“What a large TV! It’s got to be at least a hundred inches in diameter, right?!”

Sherry behaved like she had never seen anything modern in her entire life. She was making a lot of noise about the TV, called the automated air conditioning amazing and was all excited about the elevator, the crystal chandelier…

Her eyes were so bright and she wished this was her home!

“This chandelier is not bad. We should buy one like this too, the exact same one!”

April ignored her and helped her mother to take a seat. She poured some water for everyone, and a servant came to serve fruits and drinks.

“Where’s my brother?”

She thought Jared’s family was coming together with them.

“They’re taking the bus, so they’ll probably only arrive around lunch.” Sherry added on, “Anyway they’re just here to get a free lunch.”

She scoffed and started grumbling about how they weren’t supposed to come anyway.

By the time Jared and family arrived, they might have even finished eating. Were they going to come in time to wash the dishes?

April glanced at her and didn’t look too kindly. Who talked about their own family like that?

If Jared’s family wasn’t coming, she wasn’t going to let Sherry’s family come.

Just as they were talking about this, there was a honk from outside. April’s face lit up. “My brother must have arrived.”

She quickly walked out.

“How can that be? They’re taking the bus, so they can’t be that fast.”

She burst out laughing. “Even after they reach Greencliff, they still have to change to another bus, so they won’t be so…fast…”

Sherry walked with April to the door and cut her own sentence off.

Jared and family had just alighted from a car that even Sherry could tell was a luxury car.


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