Billionaire God of War Chapter 503

Chapter 503

“Jared!” April was full of smiles as she quickly walked over. “You’re all here!”

“Third Aunt!” Jenny greeted her sweetly. “Has Diane woken up?”

“She’s up, go look for her.”

Jenny nodded and ran right in without hesitation.

“This child really has no manners,” Jared shook his head and looked at his wife. “You’ve spoiled her rotten!”

Jared’s wife, Ashley, looked a little apologetically back at her husband. She suddenly remembered she still had things in the trunk, so she got Brother Geoff to open the trunk and took out all the pickled radish she had brought.

“Your brother said you love eating it, so I made some for you to try.”

When the Palmer family was doing badly, Jared had visited April twice. Besides bringing some money over, he had brought these pickled radishes along too.

They weren’t worth much money, but April always remembered this.

She quickly took it and hugged the box of pickled radish. “Thank you so much, Ashley! I’ve missed these picked radishes so much and I tried making them myself, but they never tasted quite right! You have to teach me later!”

“Sure! Sure!” Ashley replied happily.

She was still worried that April might look down on them.

“Don’t just stand there, come on in!” said April.

Sherry stood at the door and wrinkled her nose. She thought that Jared’s family had brought something fancy, but it turned out to be just picked radishes. How much was that worth?

She couldn’t believe they actually dared to bring something like that.

She had forgotten that she hadn’t even brought a single thing, and only brought this foul mouth of hers.

Jared and his wife were shocked by the house the moment they stepped in.

This bungalow was too huge!

Both of them looked very cautious and didn’t even know which direction to start walking in.

“Make yourselves at home,” April said with a smile. “Take a seat, I’ll start cooking, William will be back soon.”

After April disappeared into the kitchen, Jared and Ashley carefully sat down on the sofa and touched the real leather sofa. Their cautiousness made Sherry and Christopher laugh.

“Jared, don’t look as though you’ve never seen the world before,” Sherry laughed. “This is April’s house, so you can treat it like your own.”

She hadn’t behaved very differently from Jared earlier either.

“When my family buys a bungalow in the future, you can come over and visit us too.”

Jared didn’t say anything, but Ashley couldn’t resist the urge.

“Sherry, are you going to buy a bungalow? That’s amazing.”

“I heard that the cemetery near your place has been developed into a bungalow estate, but nobody has bought them yet. I don’t think they’re too expensive, so you can consider.”

“Why, you!” Sherry immediately flared up. “What nonsense are you talking about?! If we want to buy a house, we’ll buy the best!”

She scoffed and then turned to whisper to her mother, “Mum, remember to mention what I told you earlier. This concerns your grandson’s future, his life!”

Grandma Baker smiled and nodded.

Upstairs, Diane had just gotten changed and twirled in front of Ethan.

“Is this dress nice?”


Ethan held Diane’s hands and pulled her into his arms. “Everything my wife wears is nice.”


The door was flung open immediately after it was knocked. Jenny darted in like a rabbit only to see Ethan hugging Diane.

She quickly covered her eyes with her hands. “Sorry! Sorry! Brother-in-law! I didn’t know you were around!”

Jenny slowly peeked through her fingers to find that the two of them were still fully clothed and she was a little disappointed.

“You terrible girl! How dare you barge into my room!” Diane jumped out of Ethan’s embrace and her face was all red as she threatened Jenny, “I’m going to tell your mum!”

“Noooo! Diane! Let me off! I’ve always barged into your room like this since we were kids!”

This was already her habit, even though Diane was already married and she totally forgot. “Look, even my brother-in-law isn’t angry, so you can’t be angry, right?”

She grinned and knew that Ethan had a good temper and wouldn’t be angry with her.

“You’re the Legend of Fairbanks, I wouldn’t dare to offend you,” Ethan said with a laugh. “Let’s go downstairs and chat later. It’s time to eat.”

After he walked out, Jenny immediately hooked Diane’s arm and whispered, “Diane, are you expecting?”

“Expecting what?”

“A child! Haven’t you two already…you know? How does it feel?”

“You terrible girl! I’m going to tear your mouth off!”


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