Billionaire God of War Chapter 504

Chapter 504

Ethan went downstairs and greeted everyone one by one.

He was just as polite towards Sherry and her family, and didn’t take what happened the last time to heart at all.

“Ethan, you are really too kind and even got Geoff to fetch us, we’ve really given you trouble,” Jared quickly thanked him.

Sherry didn’t like hearing this at all.

Why had Ethan only arranged to pick Jared’s family and not hers?

If Ethan had arranged for such a fancy car to pick her family up, her neighbors would definitely envy her.

She had just checked with her son. That car was worth at least $3 million!

“Geoff is good friends with Jenny. Once he heard that Jenny was coming, he wanted to fetch you guys, so it’s no trouble at all.”

Sherry threw a glance at Ethan. All this was because Diane was capable and it had nothing to do with this son-in-law who had married into the family.

But of course, she kept a smile on her face.

“Ethan, I heard that Palmer Group is advancing well and it’s very famous in the southeast region.”

“That’s right. Diane has worked very hard and reaped some results.”

Sherry’s smile became brighter.

“What position are you holding in Palmer Group?”

She had to make sure that her son’s position wouldn’t be lower than this leech.

“Me? I don’t work for Palmer Group,” Ethan shrugged and looked helpless. “I can’t do any of the work in Palmer Group.”

Sherry called him useless in her heart and her expression changed slightly. Why did she bother asking Ethan?

“That’s true, you’re not very well educated and I don’t think you even have a degree, right? It is a little hard for you to work in Palmer Group then,” said Sherry as she nodded as if she was in deep thought.

Jared started angry when he heard these words.

They were guests in Ethan’s house, so how could she say something like that?

He was about to say something when Ashley held him back. She shook her head slightly to tell him not to be rash.

Hadn’t Sherry suffered enough embarrassment after she humiliated Ethan the last time?

She didn’t think Ethan was a pushover.

“First Aunt, you’re right. Palmer Group’s hiring process is now very strict, and it’s hard even for those with a degree,” replied Ethan calmly. “If you’re not an outstanding talent, Palmer Group wouldn’t want you, no matter who you are.”

Sherry’s expression changed a little because she could hear what Ethan was implying. He was clearly telling her to stop trying.

She quickly threw Christopher a glance. Christopher straightened up a little and coughed twice.

“While that does sound reasonable enough, it’s not up to you to decide who gets hired in Palmer Group, right?” He looked at Ethan with a smile, but there was disdain in his eyes. “William and company wouldn’t allow an outsider like you to decide on something so important, right?”

“I think you’re the outsider!”

Before Ethan could say anything, he heard an authoritative and angry voice.

William walked in with large strides and passed his bag to Number 3, then walked over to Christopher. He was no longer that cripple who used to be wheelchair bound anymore, so the way he carried himself was different now.

His eyes were sharp as he glared at Christopher. Christopher started to feel a little panicky and immediately stood up.

“Ethan is not an outsider. He is my son-in-law and a son to the Palmer family!” William declared loudly and sounded incredibly stern. “Who dares to treat him as an outsider?!”

Christopher smiled awkwardly.

“William, don’t be angry, that’s not what I meant,” he quickly explained. “You’ve misunderstood me.”

Christopher thought that when he said Ethan was an outsider, William thought that Christopher looked down on the Palmer family. But of course he didn’t dare to look down on the Palmer family now.

He just thought that since Ethan married into the family, he didn’t have any position in the family, so naturally, he had no say in the company either.

“Oh really? Then what did you mean?” William scoffed and looked at Christopher.


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