Billionaire God of War Chapter 505

Chapter 505

The air instantly became very tense.

Nobody had seen William angry before.

William used to be wheelchair bound and didn’t seem to have any life in him. At most he would just nod, but he hardly even spoke.

Even when Jared came to visit twice, William only took his hand and said thank you and nothing more.

But they could sense that William was really angry this time.

“Palmer Group is getting larger by the day, so every decision is a big decision. Aren’t all big decisions made by you and Diane?”

Christopher put on his best smile and didn’t have any of those airs anymore.

He had come here with a request, so he didn’t dare to go too far.

“Ethan doesn’t work at Palmer Group, so isn’t it too much to ask of him to make such decisions?”

Christopher immediately changed his way of speaking.

He quickly turned to look at Ethan. “Ethan, don’t misunderstand, that’s not what I meant. I’m not looking down on you.”

Ethan just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Christopher’s disdain was pretty much written on his face, it was just that Ethan wasn’t bothered.

This sort of small fry couldn’t make his emotions waver at all.

“Then remember this well. Ethan is my son-in-law and he’s Diane’s husband. He’s the most important person to the Palmer family.” William’s voice got louder and louder.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore.

They were now in his house and not in Christopher’s house. How dare they look down on Ethan! Did they even have the right to?

William would have chased them out if he didn’t have to consider how awkward it might become for April.

What nonsense was this!

“Of course, of course, how could anyone chosen by the Palmer family be anyone bad?” Christopher just laughed along.

But he was annoyed at how William could now simply flare up because he was rich now. To him, William was just using this opportunity to act all high and mighty and get back at all the times Christopher’s family had insulted him.

William had even made Ethan grateful to him now. What was this even?

Christopher did a lot of scheming at work and had seen his fair share. There was no way he was going to believe anything William said.

How could a man who married into the family be the most important person to the family?

That was ridiculous.

“Do you have to speak so loudly?” Grandma Baker covered her ears. “You all sound like you’re quarreling.”

“Mum, I’m sorry. I got angry earlier and lost control.”

William nodded. He glanced at Ethan to tell him not to take it personally.

Ethan nodded in acknowledgment.

One Christopher wasn’t fit to make him angry.

“William, you’re really different from before.”

Sherry’s eyes lit up when she saw how William was all decked out in a branded suit. Since the decision maker was here and her mother was also here and they had reached this topic, wasn’t this the perfect opportunity?

“You’re really like the Chairman of a large company!” Sherry smiled and looked at him expectantly. “So I’m sure you have the final say in Palmer Group, right?”

William didn’t like Sherry very much. He just nodded and didn’t want to talk too much to her.

“So are you in charge of Palmer Group’s hiring process?”

Sherry got even more excited.

“I oversee the hiring of management roles, HR takes care of the rest.”

William greeted Jared and his wife, but Sherry kept asking him questions. He was annoyed with her but didn’t show it.

Sherry broke into a bright smile when she heard these words. She was just short of applauding.

William oversaw the management roles!

Her son was going to join Palmer Group as a VP, so that was definitely part of management!

“It’s like that, Brother-in-law,” Sherry even called him differently now. She smiled and said, “My son, Felix, is all grown up now…Felix! Why are you still sitting there? Greet your Third Uncle!”

“Hello Third Uncle!” Felix immediately greeted William politely after standing up.

William nodded.

“This son of mine hasn’t been able to find a good job after graduating from university, and never got a chance to display his full potential,” Sherry sighed and glanced at her mother. She went straight to the point, “Aren’t there any positions in Palmer Group that are suitable for him?”


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