Billionaire God of War Chapter 506

Chapter 506

This was why Sherry had come today.

William laughed coldly in his heart and exchanged glances with Ethan. Now he suddenly knew what Christopher was talking about when he said that Ethan was an outsider with no right to make decisions.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He was just amused and already saw this coming.

He wasn’t worried about William. William would never give in to Sherry’s request.

He had already prepared April beforehand, so he was pretty sure Sherry was going to go back disappointed.

“Then what position do you think is suitable for Felix?” William asked in return.

Sherry and Christopher broke into a big smile when they heard this.

William was letting them choose?

Even Felix gulped when he heard this. If he could really become a VP, he couldn’t imagine what it was like to earn a million a year!

“Since our families are related and April is my sister,” said Sherry rather excitedly. “Diane is the CEO, so Felix should be at least a Vice President position, right? Don’t you think so, Brother-in-law?”

Jared was shocked. He never expected Sherry to have fooled his mother into coming because of something like that. She was trying to use her connections to get Felix a job in Palmer Group.

And she even asked for the position of VP straight up?

She was nuts!

But Jared and his wife didn’t say anything. It wasn’t their place to say anything. He only hoped that William’s family wouldn’t get goaded into doing what Sherry wanted.

“VP?” William frowned. “That’s not enough.”

He shook his head.

Sherry’s family got even more excited now.

A VP position wasn’t enough?

William was really easy to manipulate!

If that wasn’t enough, then what other higher position was there for Felix?

There weren’t too many positions that had a high salary with nothing much to do, was there?

“Is there an even higher position?” Christopher couldn’t help asking. He was getting so excited.

“Of course,” William replied calmly. “There’s always the position of Chairman. Tell you what, I’ll retire, and let your son be the Chairman. How’s that?”

Sherry felt her brain explode with happiness, then she asked suspiciously, “Are you just kidding with me?”

“You started the joke.”

William scoffed. He felt like he had heard the biggest joke in his life.

Didn’t they know what their own son was capable of?

They wanted him to be a VP immediately? What did they take Palmer Group as?

What a joke!

Sherry’s face reddened in anger when she understood what William was trying to say and she replied with displeasure in her voice, “What do you mean by that? If Felix joins Palmer Group, then he will be contributing to your company too. We’re all one family, so why are you being so petty?”

William was so angry he laughed.

Ethan was even more speechless now. How did Sherry find it in herself to say something like that?

Jared and his wife were completely stunned. Which decent human being said such things?

When the Palmer family was down and out, Sherry never treated them as family and never helped them. On the contrary, she even said many nasty things about William.

And now that she wanted them to do her a favor, they were suddenly family?

“Exactly! April and Sherry are sisters! Blood is thicker than water! Felix is also your nephew!” Christopher started sounding angry. “What’s wrong with being a VP? You think Felix isn’t up to it? How could that be?”

William looked at them and didn’t want to say anymore. He waved his hands and said, “If he wants to join the company, he can submit his resume. If he’s good enough for the company, he will become part of us. There’s no point in trying any other methods. I will not let anyone in through the back door.”

“William, why are you like this?” Sherry started getting anxious.

There was no way Felix could get in the normal way. Felix only graduated from vocational school and not university, so it was even more impossible.

If he was really capable, she wouldn’t have to resort to this method.

“Mum, look at him! We’re all one family but he refuses to help!”

Sherry quickly thought of her trump card and tugged Grandma Baker’s arm and looked all upset. “It’s just a position in the company, so what’s the big deal? Aren’t you going to care about your grandson’s future?”

William shook his head and couldn’t believe Sherry sometimes.

He didn’t want to fall out with this family, but it seemed like this family didn’t care.

“William, doesn’t your company need people?”

The old lady had been persuaded by Sherry long ago. She was more than happy to help her grandson out since it concerned his future.

Since Sherry and Christopher’s words didn’t work, Grandma Baker had to ask. “It’s just a job, so you can just say the word, right?”


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