Billionaire God of War Chapter 507

Chapter 507

“Mum, every company has its own rules. If everyone goes by the back door, then I might as well shut the company down.”

William didn’t mince his words.

“What do you mean by that?” Sherry got anxious. “William, you’re too petty! I won’t talk to you about this anymore!”

“April! April!”

She started shouting for April instead.

April had just finished cooking the last dish and brought it out. She could hear Sherry yelling for her and could sense that they had argued and quickly walked over.

She noticed that everyone was standing and didn’t look too kindly at each other. William even looked clearly angry.

Her heart sank.

What happened?

“April, you’re here! You tell me – Felix is your own nephew, and he calls you his Third Aunt!” Sherry started angrily, “I just want him to work in Palmer Group and asked William to arrange for a position for him. What’s wrong with that? Why can’t I do that?”

“You mean you won’t do us this little favor even though our families are so closely tied to one another?”

Sherry had now become the most pitiful one among them. “When you were a child, do you still remember how I took care of you and helped you? Now that the Palmer family has become powerful again, you don’t even want to do me a favor? You’re repaying evil for good!”

“You even dare to say that we’re repaying evil for good?” William shook his head and was losing his patience quickly.

If Grandma Baker weren’t here, he would have gotten Number 3 to chase this family out by now.

“I’m not talking to you!” Sherry pulled on April’s arm. “April, I won’t say too much, I’ll just ask you one question. Is there any problem if Felix joins Palmer Group as a VP?”

The Palmer family listened to everything April said.

No matter how firm William looked, he would never go against anything April said, and Sherry knew about this.

As long as April gave the go ahead, William could forget about refusing her demands.

“A VP?” April was stunned by this request. Was her sister joking?

She knew very well how capable Felix really was. He was that sort of person who was fired by an ordinary company for being too lazy. So there was no way he was capable of getting into the Palmer Group.

With his results and his work experience, he probably couldn’t even submit his resume.

“What are you talking about?” April frowned slightly. “Palmer Group’s hiring process is very strict and they have very high standards when it comes to ability.”

“Just give him a useless position then!” Sherry shrieked. “Just give him a position that doesn’t really need to do anything, then it’ll be fine!”

The entire room was shocked.

Ashley couldn’t stand it and muttered under her breath, “What a shameless request!”

She wanted a position for her son where he didn’t have to do anything and still be treated as a VP?

Did Sherry think that the Palmer family belonged to her?

“Mum! Say something!” Sherry immediately started tugging at her mother when April remained silent.

“April, the Palmer family is doing so well now, so it’ll be nice if the siblings could all help one another wherever possible. It’s not difficult to arrange for a job, is it?” Grandma Baker said very gravely. “Felix is all grown up now, so if there are some things that he can’t do, then forget it. You can always find him a position where he doesn’t have to do much, Palmer Group isn’t going to collapse just because of that anyway.”

Sherry was smug when she heard these words.

She knew that April couldn’t refuse her mother at all.

April looked at her mother and really didn’t want to agree with her.

She never asked about the company and left all the decisions to William and Diane. She looked at William but he didn’t say anything. Grandma Baker was clearly asking April, so it was difficult for him to respond on her behalf.

But of course, the word NO was written all over his face.

There was no way he would agree to this.

April was put in a spot. If she refused, then her mother would be upset and Sherry’s family would bear a grudge against her.

But if she agreed, then how was she going to persuade William?

It did sound like arranging for a position and giving out one person’s salary wasn’t anything very difficult to do.

She moved her lips and hesitated for a while. She noticed everyone looking at her and wondered if Palmer Group could just arrange for a low position for Felix, since a VP was definitely impossible. But would Sherry’s family be satisfied if the position was too low?

William sighed in his heart when he could see that April was going to give in.

Everything about his wife was wonderful, but she was too softhearted and she would never go against what her mother said.

Just when April was about to agree, Ethan suddenly staggered two steps back and collapsed onto the sofa as he clutched his head.

“Ethan! Ethan! What’s wrong?” William immediately got a terrible shock.

April became even more anxious. “Ethan, are you feeling unwell?”

“No I’m fine, maybe I’m just too tired,” Ethan shook his head slowly and looked completely exhausted. “When those people were running after me that day, one of them struck my head with a stick, and now I’m suddenly feeling a little dizzy.”

When April heard this, she felt her body shudder. Her heart went out to him and her eyes teared up immediately.


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