Billionaire God of War Chapter 508

Chapter 508

She suddenly remembered what Ethan told her the night before.

For the sake of Palmer Group, William and Diane were slogging their guts out and Ethan was exhausted to this point. It was fine if she couldn’t help them, but now she had even thought of throwing their hard work down the drain?

“I won’t interfere with Palmer Group’s hiring process. If Felix wants to join the company, then he can send in his resume and go for an interview!”


Sherry’s family was caught by surprise. April had rejected their request!

“Don’t try to use emotional blackmail on me. Do you think I have forgotten how you used to treat me?” April clenched her teeth and her voice trembled. “You want to go in by the back door? Forget it!”

She didn’t want to listen to what her mother said anymore, and she didn’t want to choose to give in just to protect a relationship that didn’t even exist.

April now only wanted to protect this small family of hers.


Sherry had never imagined her weak willed youngest sister would actually dare to refuse her.

She hadn’t just refused her, but she was willing to go against her own mother too.

“Mum, look at her…”

“Don’t drag Mum into this, it’s pointless,” said April directly. “I’m filial to Mum and I listen to her because I’m her daughter. But now, I’m also William’s wife and a mother to Diane and Ethan. So right now, I just want to protect this little family of mine!”

Her eyes were all red. She never thought that she would have to say things so clearly one day.

They were sisters after all. Did they really have to go this far?

Sherry had never treated her as a younger sister. Otherwise, why would Sherry always make her feel so sad and constantly put her in a spot?

Sherry and her family couldn’t get a single word out of their mouths.

“April, you’ve gone too far! I think you’re trying to cut ties with my family!”

“Up to you,” April shook her head. “You’ve always wanted to cut ties with my family, haven’t you? You can do that now.”

“I don’t think your family is here to celebrate moving with us anyway. I won’t keep you here any longer, you may leave now!”

She was chasing them out now.

Sherry’s face and ears were all red from anger as she pointed a finger at April and couldn’t get any words out at all.

Christopher was even angrier from this humiliation and even thought of slapping her.

Since when did his family have to suffer such humiliation?!

“This way please,” Number 3 walked over and stood in front of April. He glared threateningly at Christopher and his family. If they dared to touch April or hurt her, then they could forget about walking out of this place in one piece.

“You! YOU!! HUMPH!!”

Sherry couldn’t get a single sentence out. She knew that if April dared to say something like that, then she definitely wanted to cut ties with them.

She was so angry her teeth chattered. She couldn’t get the VP position for her son, so she had come all the way here for nothing!

“Who cares about your crap company! Let’s go!” Sherry spat this out and her family turned and left.

April’s eyes were all red and her tears couldn’t stop flowing.

She really didn’t want things to end like that.

But from the looks of it, Sherry didn’t care about their relationship at all. She only wanted to benefit from Palmer Group.

April’s heart had grown cold.

William stretched out and pulled April close to him and patted her shoulder.

Ethan sighed, but he knew that from today onwards, April really understood that nothing was more important than the family she had now. Her little family was more important than those people who wanted nothing else but to leech off her.

They were not worthy of April’s concern.

“This…look at what you’ve done!” Grandma Baker saw that Sherry and family had left and got upset. “Isn’t it just a job? Did you have to go so far?”

“Mum!” Jared couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Stop speaking up for Sherry! Her entire family has left already! Did they even care about you?”

“They brought you here just to use you to bully April!”

He couldn’t take it. “We’re all your children, but you’re too biased!”


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