Billionaire God of War Chapter 511

Chapter 511

“When?” Diane wasn’t paying attention to these things.

“The second day after my exams!”

Jenny’s eyes shone even brighter as she tugged at Diane’s arm. “Victoria said that if I do well in my exams, she’ll give me a ticket, but the results won’t be out so quickly.”

It was only about half a month more to the exams.

“Then can you guarantee that you’d do well?” asked Diane seriously.

“I’ll swear upon my reputation as the Legend of Fairbanks!” Jenny held up three fingers, “I, Jenny, will definitely get into a reputable university! If I don’t get in…”

She bit her lips and turned to glance at Ethan, “…then I will end up with a man like Ethan!”

Ethan nearly spat his tea out.

Was he so lousy? Was it a punishment to find a husband like him?

Diane’s stomach hurt from laughing, especially after she saw Ethan’s expression.

“I’m not taking you to Starling City anymore,” said Ethan immediately. “I’m going to tell your dad later that you’ve not been studying hard and you’ve even fallen in love despite being so young.”

“Noooo Brother-in-law, you’re mistaken, that’s not what I meant…”

Jenny anxiously tried to butter Ethan up again.

The atmosphere in the house was getting better and better.


Starling City.

This internationally renowned major city.

In terms of economy or culture, this city had reached a very high level of development. The city was also a hotspot for the arts and entertainment scene.

The vibrant nightscene wasn’t just a dream, and there were many who were here to strike it rich.

There were also many people who had come to fulfil their dreams of becoming a celebrity.

But there were also many who had reached their dreams. Victoria Clark was one of them.

After going through so much, she had some highs, some lows, she had been falsely accused, nearly cut out from the scene and had changed her boss.

But now, Victoria could finally focus on her music career.

This comeback concert was to tell everyone that she was back!

At the same time, this concert was also to allow Palmer Group’s new product to take this chance and enter Starling City’s market officially.

She was opening Starling City’s gates for Palmer Group to enter.

Diane had already told Victoria about Palmer Group’s next step.

As her good friend, Victoria also wanted to help Diane wherever possible to help Palmer Group to expand.

And now that Star Entertainment had been bought over by Ethan, it obviously had to work for Palmer Group too.

This concert was to announce Victoria’s comeback, but it was also to pave the way for Palmer Group to enter Starling City.

So Tyler put in his best effort into all the promotional activities.

News of her comeback concert had caused a huge wave of excitement in less than two hours of the announcement.

The fans had all gone mad.

Even those who weren’t Victoria’s fans before were equally excited.

These people had just gone along with the crowd and said a lot of nasty things about Victoria when she had been falsely accused in a scandal, and they had felt bad about it. They were so surprised when they actually went to listen to Victoria’s music.

They didn’t expect her songs to be so nice.

They didn’t expect to find out that Victoria contributed to charity on a regular basis. How could anyone try to smear her reputation or say all these untrue things about her?

That was unacceptable!

By night time, there was a campaign going on called ‘We all owe Victoria Clark a concert ticket’.

They were all looking forward to Victoria holding a concert, but then they heard about how Victoria had terminated her contract with her agency and didn’t have the right to sing her old songs anymore.

This made many fans sad and disappointed.

But now, Victoria Clark was back!

The theme of this concert was one phrase: I’m Back!


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