Billionaire God of War Chapter 513

Chapter 513

Ethan was about to move when Diane turned to face him. She was curled up in his embrace as she shut her eyes tightly but her eyelashes were still trembling and her entire body was stiff.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan could feel that Diane was trembling slightly.

She was nervous.

“I’m…I’m alright.”

Diane knew that Ethan had been holding back for a long time and she was both nervous and scared. But if it was Ethan, she could endure it.

She didn’t want to disappoint Ethan.

The room was dark, so Ethan could sense that Diane’s breathing had quickened and she was really nervous.

In that instant, all the desire he had dissipated.

“What’s wrong?” Diane realized Ethan didn’t move anymore and asked, “Am I not doing enough?”

“No,” Ethan replied in a gentle voice. “I want to have you after you’re ready. And I mean after you’re really ready.”

“But…” Diane sounded a little anxious, “I thought you wanted to have me for a long time now.”

“Silly girl, you’re mine now, aren’t you? Don’t tell me you intend to run from me?” Ethan burst out laughing and kissed Diane on the forehead. “Go to bed, I’ll hug you to sleep.”

Even though he didn’t get what he wanted, Ethan wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact, he was even more assured.

At this hour, Starling City’s nightlife had just started.

Victoria’s concert was the talk of the town, and anyone with tickets to the concert could brag about it online.

It was even more so in Starling City.

There were a few rich young men in a nightclub. They had drunk a lot and the women next to them were doing their best to keep them happy and ignite the desire within them.

“I really want to go to Victoria’s concert, do you think you could get me tickets?” asked one of the girls in a coquettish voice.

“Hoho, it’s just a few tickets, that’s nothing,” said the man next to her. His face was all red and his hands were all over the girl’s body. “If you want to go, I’ll bring you along, and I can even get Victoria’s signature for you.”


“Of course! When have I ever lied to you?” he laughed with a smug look on his face. Everyone else was now looking at him, so he said a little proudly, “I know someone from the Wren family!”

“The security for this concert is being handled by the Wren family, so what’s a few concert tickets?”

All the girls’ eyes lit up when they heard him say that he knew someone from the Wren family and all looked adoringly at him, while the other men in the room were filled with jealousy.

The Wren family!

Everyone knew that the Wren family controlled Starling City’s illegal circle.

“Is it true, Young Master Parks?” All the other girls couldn’t wait to throw themselves at Noah Parks as their eyes glittered. “You know someone from the Wren family?”

Everyone knew that the Wren family was of high standing now.

After they destroyed the Drake family and the Aker family, Tristan had become the legend of Starling City’s illegal circle so nobody dared to offend him.

The Wren siblings had unified Starling City’s illegal circle in a short time and had established their authority.

Anyone who had connections to the Wren family was incredibly capable!

“What, you think I’d lie about this?”

Noah loved the feeling of others adoring him like this.

He calmly said, “The Wren siblings have a cousin named Aaron Wren who grew up together with the siblings. This man is my brother!”

He didn’t say that Aaron was a friend but called him a brother, because a friend was definitely nothing compared to a brother!

Everyone got even more excited now.

The men quickly came round to give Noah a toast and tried to butter him up. After all, their status didn’t qualify them for a chance to go anywhere near the Wren family, much less get connected with them.

But it was already good enough to be connected to Noah.

“Young Master Parks, let me give you a toast! I’ll drink it all up!”

“Young Master Parks, you have to take care of us in the future!”

“Starling City is going to be Young Master Parks’ in the future, congratulations!”

The women all started to think of how they could beat their rivals and get into Noah’s bed first.

There weren’t many promising young men in Starling City like that!

That was the Wren family they were talking about!

Even if his connection was only a cousin to the Wren siblings, this was not something that an ordinary person could have, and it would help one to fly far very quickly.

“You’re too polite,” Noah smiled and his lips only touched the glass. He had already started to put on airs.

“It’s just a few tickets, and I’ll get them straight from the boss of Star Entertainment. It’s no big deal.”

He scoffed, “That boss has to give in to the Wren family, doesn’t he?”


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