Billionaire God of War Chapter 516

Chapter 516

“Don’t worry, I’ve already emphasized this to my folks and nobody will dare to do this again. If someone tries, I will deal with them severely. I hope you won’t be angry.”

“Oh no no, I won’t, you’re being too polite,” Tyler immediately replied and felt his throat go dry. “They’ve already returned the tickets to me.”

The other party seemed to sound a little relieved at hearing this from Tyler. He promised Tyler that this wouldn’t happen one more time before hanging up.

Tyler was speechless.

His throat was still feeling dry after drinking several cups of tea.

“Big Boss.” Tyler looked at Ethan. “You are really my Big Boss!”

Ethan smiled but didn’t say anything.

He turned and saw that the three women were still chatting very happily, but it was almost time to eat. So he called out, “It’s almost meal time, let’s go out and eat.”

“OK!” Jenny was the first one to react.

She knew that there would be good food if she went along with Ethan!

“Diane, let’s go. I’ll bring you guys to eat Starling City’s local delicacies.”

Victoria smiled and walked out with Diane and Jenny.

Ethan and Tyler followed behind them.

With a local like Victoria to lead the way, they didn’t have to worry that they wouldn’t find the most authentic Starling City cuisine available.

Old Starling City was a restaurant that specialized in authentic Starling City cuisine.

This restaurant had every dish that was unique to Starling City. The moment they walked in, there was a lot of noise coming from inside and it was almost full even though they were already a little early.

This was a place where both regular customers and tourists definitely had to visit.

“The food here isn’t expensive and it’s pretty authentic. Eat whatever you like, take it yourself. They’ll charge you according to the color of the plates,” said Victoria to the rest at the table while still wearing her cap and mask.

“It’s my treat today, so please go ahead and eat whatever you like!

She was the local here so she was going to show them hospitality around here.

Diane and the rest followed what the rest were doing and queued up to take the food they liked.

Ethan wasn’t fussy. He had eaten all sorts of delicacies in his life. The nearest he had been to was a private omakase dinner in Starling City, while the furthest was the special meal for the abbot in a monastery in eastern Europe.

But his favorite was still staying at home and eating the sweet vinegar pork ribs that April cooked.

“It’s so crowded here,” exclaimed Diane as they finally managed to find a table.

“The people here have always been living comfortably and know how to enjoy life, especially the people in this restaurant. I don’t know how to put it, but if you’ve ever lived here long enough, you’d feel it,” explained Victoria.

She didn’t take any food since there was no private room here and one had to help yourself to the food. If she removed her mask, there was no way for this restaurant to open for business for the day.

“Brother-in-law, I want to eat ice cream.”

Jenny spotted ice cream from afar just after she started eating. She called for Ethan but she was looking at Diane.

“Hubby, I want some too.”

Diane knew that Jenny was too clever for her own good.

“Ok, I’ll get some for you two,” Ethan got up. Tyler got up as well, “I’ll get more food for you girls!”

They walked over to the food area. Ethan went to get ice cream, while Tyler went to get some local dessert for the ladies. Suddenly there was a voice behind him.

“Aren’t you CEO Mattix? What a coincidence!”

Tyler turned around. He didn’t recognize this man.

“I’m Noah Parks, the third son of the Parks family.”

Noah was with the woman he spent the night with and had come here to eat some Starling City specialities. He didn’t expect to run into Tyler here. It was such a coincidence.

They had only seen each other once at a dinner and Tyler didn’t remember him, but he remembered Tyler.

“Young Master Parks? Hello, hello,” Tyler responded politely.

“Babe, this is the boss of Star Entertainment, CEO Mattix.”

Noah coughed quietly and the woman’s eyes lit up instantly. “Victoria Clark is one of the artists he manages.”

“Didn’t you want tickets to Victoria’s concert?”

Noah wasn’t polite about this at all. He just looked at Tyler and said with a smile, “CEO Mattix, I’m a friend of Aaron Wren’s, so I won’t be formal around you. I want a few of Victoria’s concert tickets.”

“Are you sure?”

Tyler wasn’t angry when he heard this. In fact he found it funny.


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