Billionaire God of War Chapter 517

Chapter 517

Earlier, an entire bunch of people called Tyler so desperately to return their free tickets, as if these tickets had suddenly turned into a bomb.

Even the man who held the highest office in the city called him personally to promise that this won’t happen again.

Was this supposed Young Master Parks sure he still wanted to get free tickets from him?

“Sure! Of course I’m sure!” Noah laughed and gloated in his heart. Using Aaron’s name in Starling City made everything so much easier.

He looked at the woman next to him and became even more arrogant when she looked so adoringly at him. “Babe, how many tickets do you want?”

“Five!” said the woman, then she suddenly changed her mind. “Ten! I’ll take ten!”

She could go along with some of her girlfriends. She could even invite a few officials along too – that would make her look so amazing!

She hooked Noah’s arm even more tightly, and was clearly trying to use her impressive rack to gain Noah’s favor.

“Ten tickets?” Tyler didn’t look awkward at all. “I do have some tickets on hand, since some people have called to say that they don’t need them and have returned them. If you’re sure, then I’ll give them to you.”

“Ten tickets it is then,” Noah raised his chin a little to show off since Tyler agreed so quickly. “CEO Mattix, I’m not making things difficult for you, am I?”

“Oh not at all,” Tyler waved his hands about. It wasn’t difficult for him at all. “You’re Aaron Wren’s friend after all.”

Noah smiled. “CEO Mattix, you’re a smart person, you’ll go far.”

“I’ll just say that once we send these tickets out, it’s very hard for us to take them back. Young Master Parks, please remember that,” said Tyler seriously.

Normally nobody would take back something they gave away. Besides, Noah had demanded for these tickets, so if he was willing to take them and tried to return them, that would depend on whether Tyler wanted them back.

Noah just thought that Tyler was being silly. Why would he want to return the tickets he asked for?

He could dream on.

Even if he didn’t want to go for the concert, simply wasting the ticket was something to boast about too.

It was so hard for other people to get a ticket, while he would take a photo of that rare ticket and just say that he was too tired to go and would just go another time.

How many people would be jealous of him?

“I won’t return them. I’ll give you the address, get someone to send it to my office.”

Noah took a name card out and stuffed it into Tyler’s breast pocket. He patted Tyler on the shoulder and left with the woman on his arm.

Tyler kept a smile on his face throughout the entire exchange and didn’t appear angry or impatient at all.

On the contrary, he was pretty happy that something terrible was going to befall this chap.

He had an impression that this Noah’s family was quite important in the legal circle, but they weren’t that impressive.

“What are you dreaming about?” Ethan suddenly called out from behind Tyler. “Didn’t you hear Jenny shouting for you?”

Tyler turned and Jenny was on the verge of throwing a bowl at his head to get his attention already. Tyler quickly ran over with the dessert in his hand.

After the meal, Ethan brought everyone back while Tyler went to the office to get someone to send those concert tickets to Noah’s office.


Noah was in his office waiting for the tickets.

But he had to find something to do while waiting, otherwise he would be so bored.

He sat on his large office chair with his eyes half closed and his head raised. He felt like he was in a dream and was about to moan in satisfaction.

Someone knocked on the office door. Noah immediately stretched out to hold down the head that was about to stand up.

“Come in.”

“Young Master Parks, someone has sent a document saying it’s something you wanted.”

Noah knew that those were the tickets from Tyler. This fellow did know what to do.

“Put it on the desk.”

Noah took a deep breath and his body couldn’t help but shudder slightly. His secretary’s face instantly turned red. She put the envelope down and left the room in a hurry and closed the door behind her.


There was a voice from under the table. “Young Master Parks!”

“So, have you found my pen yet?”

Noah laughed lecherously, “Is it thick and nice to use?”


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