Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 787

Chapter 787 The Truth Comes Out

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The people sitting on either side of the hall were silent, each bearing different thoughts in their minds.

“Since you’ve found out the cause, how do you plan to solve this matter, Prince Dominik?” Matthew, who was sitting beside Veronica, demanded sternly.

He removed his makeup in the side hall, but he re-applied the makeup before going to the main hall. Therefore, no one knew his true identity except for Eleanor and Veronica.

“Uh, I…” Dominik stammered. “Miss Veronica, although it was an accident, we would take responsibility for my brother’s reckless actions. May I know what compensation you want, Miss Veronica?”

Veronica felt the exchange was highly ironic. Could they truly compensate her in any way she wanted?

“Give me money. I’m an ordinary person, and I love money.”

After she arrived at the Hidden Clan, Crayson and the others were in charge of her finances. She could only spend when they deigned to give her some. If they didn’t give her any, it sucked.

After she finished speaking, she heard someone snicker and secretly mocked her, but she didn’t care. After all, it felt even more awful to be penniless.

They confiscated all her things before she came to the Hidden Clan. When she went to Crayson and asked for her items to be returned, he merely told her that he had left them in Castron. What else could she do?

“Haha! Please don’t say that, Miss Veronica. We’re all ordinary people.” Dominik chuckled in amusement and turned to ask Eleanor, “Five million. What do you think?”

“Up to you.” Eleanor didn’t have any thoughts as she kept staring at Matthew with obvious delight.

Dominik asked a servant to fetch a card, walked up to Veronica, and handed the card to her. “Miss Veronica, please accept this as a token of our apology, and we thank you for your magnanimousness. When Liam wakes up, I’ll bring him to you to apologize in person. Please rest assured that I will ensure that he will be punished for this.”

The card he gave her was a special black card. Passwords were not required, and she could withdraw money from specific banks. This kind of black card was equivalent to a domestic checkbook.

Five million was nothing to the Hidden Clan royal family, who were more concerned about their reputation. Since it would not be good for anyone if this matter were exposed.

Both the Hidden Clan royal family and Veronica would be wholly embarrassed because of this matter, so the best way to solve the problem was to settle the case privately.

“Is that all? If so, we’ll be taking our leave.” Veronica slid the card, hid it on her person, rose to her feet, and waved to Matthew. Shortly after, they left together.

She felt pretty satisfied after seeing Liam receiving a beating. Fortunately, Liam didn’t severely harm her, so she could accept the compensation, albeit reluctantly.

After the two left, the rest began to dismiss themselves as well.

In the main hall, Eleanor held a cup of tea and took a sip before asking lightly, “Dominik, is that really why Liam did what he did? The medicine effect and whatnot?”

“Why? Don’t you believe it?” Dominik asked flatly as he watched the crowd walking further away.

“No. It just came off the top of my head.”

Eleanor gave him a bright grin, stood up, and stretched out her limbs. “Oh, my body is all stiff. I’m exhausted. I’m going back to bed. Good night.”

“Okay. Good night,” he responded.

Eleanor skipped and hopped and left the main hall happily. It was only when she rounded the corridor of the main hall and was a safe distance away did she resume her usual demeanor. She ambled around with her chin slightly raised and had a cold expression on her face.

The joy in her beautiful eyes had long disappeared, and a layer of frost replaced it.

There was something fishy about tonight’s incident.

Other than Atheena, Tiffany, Matthew, and Veronica, the rest of the people went to consult the doctor about this matter after they left and received the same answer as the doctor from the Hidden Clan Palace. It was the superposition of two medicinal effects that produced an aphrodisiac effect.

The doctor’s explanation didn’t resolve their skepticism, but they were made to accept the ‘truth’ being forced down their throats.

After all, Veronica drank the wine, but she was hale and hearty.


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