Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 788

Chapter 788 The Ledgers’ Conspiracy

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Today’s events would have become even more complicated if Veronica hadn’t been fine.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Matthew sat in the car and drove down the mountain. She handed a wet handkerchief to him and said, “Matt, find a way to do a drug test on this.”

“What’s wrong?” Matthew’s expression turned cold, as if he realized something but still needed further clarification.

She slumped against the passenger seat and closed her eyes to rest, but she could feel her heart in her throat as she recalled the incident earlier. “Someone tried to make a move on Liam and me. There’s something wrong with the wine.”


Just as she finished speaking, he harshly stepped on the brake and stopped the car abruptly.

“You were also drugged?!” He scowled in displeasure as his eyes turned glacial.

“Liam drank most of the wine. The drug’s effect was strong, which explained why he was so out of control. I only had a small glass, so I was slightly better off. Regardless, I felt very uncomfortable when I was in the room assigned to me in the palace. I was hot and parched. Then, a servant brought over a cup of tea. I was so thirsty that I finished it all in a gulp. I felt better right after. After a short while, the effects of the drug had worn off.”

Veronica told Matthew everything that had conspired in the palace. He quickly understood her underlying message. He pondered for a moment before asking, “Are you suspecting that there is an antidote in that cup of tea?”

“Liam organized the bonfire dinner and chose the location near the royal palace. Therefore, the royal family would have to take full responsibility if anything happened. So, Liam is certainly innocent, and so are the palace’s inhabitants. Therefore, the only suspect is probably—her.”



“But today’s events would be even weirder if it was Tiffany.” Matthew squeezed Veronica’s hand gently as he stroked the back of her hand with his thumb and focused his eyes on the road. “Everyone was locked in their respective rooms after being brought into the palace. Tiffany didn’t have time or a chance to give you the antidote, which meant that the only people who gave you the antidote were the Ledger siblings. Excluding the sick Liam, only Dominik and Eleanor could arrange for someone to deliver it to you.”

Although Eleanor was with him, she had the phone with her during that period. Hence, she could send a message to someone outside the room and order them to do her bidding.

“That’s where the problem lies.” Veronica’s frown deepened as she thought things over. “If they gave me the antidote, it would mean that they had figured out the truth. So, why would they lie in public and bail Tiffany out?”

“She defected to the Ledgers,” Matthew blurted, which just so happened to be what she had in mind.

It was impossible for the Ledgers not to learn the truth and the mastermind behind such an underhanded scheme. Yet, when they knew that it was Tiffany who had spiked the wine, not only did they not punish her, they concealed the truth. It could only mean that the two sides had formed an alliance and were working together.

“Tell me when something like this happens again.” Matthew ruffled her hair gently. “I’ll always be around. You don’t have to bear everything alone.”

“Okay. I’ll tell you everything next time,” Veronica nodded and responded softly. She didn’t tell him previously because she didn’t want to worry him.

“Eleanor knew who I was. You should be careful when you see her next time.”

“What?! She knows?!” Veronica jerked upright, and she raised her voice in trepidation. “How? What happened?”

“I was careless. When our men investigated her background, they overlooked her personal preference. So, we went in, unaware she was a master of disguise. She easily discovered me and guessed my identity.”

“Since she knew who you were, why didn’t she disclose your identity earlier? Why did she conceal it?” Eleanor’s decision was too bizarre for Veronica to understand.


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