I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1743

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1743–“Everyone, settle down. Even though Master David bought the Hammer of Thunder, the auction is not 


over yet. Now, let’s continue bidding on other treasures. I promise they are all on the same level as the Hammer of Thunder,” Alba said loudly. 

The scene plunged into silence again. 


After they finished watching the drama between Archimedes and David, they should focus on their own business 

Without those two rich men, the auction could go back to normal now. 

Soon, another treasure was wheeled on stage. 

David had lost all of his interest at this moment 

Therefore, he got up quietly to leave. 

However, the moment he got out of the venue, a staff member from Treasure Trove stopped him. 

I’m sorry, Master David, please return to your seat. You can’t leave before the auction is over.” 

Then why can Archimedes leave?” David asked. 

He only left after paying for the treasures he bid on. 

“Well, let’s calculate the total amount for all of my treasure. It’s not like I’m not going to pay.” David said. 

He came here to pay. 

Did these people think he was running away? 

What a joke! 

He wasted so much effort spending so much money to get so many lavish points so he could become a Saint 

Wouldn’t he have to start over if he ran away now? 

“Alright, please come with me.” 

David followed the other party backstage to pay 

However, when he was on the way, a voice said in the staff’s ear. 

“Bring David to me.” 

The person who spoke was Valerio, the head of Treasure Trove’s headquarters. 

After getting the order, the staff did not dare to waste any time. 

Thus, the staff took David to another destination. They reached the door of a room after they walked a 

little more. 

Knock knock knock! 


The staff knocked on the door and said respectfully. “Mr. Valerio, Master David is here.” 

Then, a voice spoke from inside the room. 

“Let him in.” 

“Yes, Sir” 

The staff opened the door after saying that. Then, the staff said to David after making a gesture, “Master David, the head of Treasure Trove is asking for you.” 

David was curious. 

‘Wasn’t I going to pay? 

“Why am I going to see the head of Treasure Trove? 

Is it because the amount is too big so that’s why the head needs to handle it himself? 

“It’s just 11 trillion Star Dollars. It’s not that much, right? 

David walked into the room. 

An old man with white hair and ruddy complexion was drinking tea while sitting in the room. It was the partial Saint who spoke on stage before the auction started. 

When he saw David, the old man smiled and said, “David, sit down. I’m Valerio Fellowes, the head of 

Treasure Trove.” 

“You’re too courteous, Mr. Valerio,” David replied and sat down without holding himself back. 

Valerio was just a partial Saint 

Back then, David might be vigilant when he was facing a powerhouse like this. 

However, he did not need to anymore because he would soon be a Saint 

“David, you’re so young and promising. You managed to suppress Archimedes at such a young age. You have to know that he’s the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family and his family controls Splendor, one of the top five trading companies. They surpass our family in all aspects,” Valerio lamented. 

“Mr. Valerio, you don’t have to say those things to me. Everyone is praising me on the surface, but they might be calling me a spendthrift in their hearts!” David mocked himself 

“You don’t have to pay attention to them, David. They’re short-sighted, so how will they know how outstanding you are?” 

At this moment, Valerio was not thinking about how much money David spent after that fight with 



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