I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1750

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1750–“What do you want to know? Please ask me and I will answer honestly,” Alba answered.

“The last time you told me there’s a chance to solve the family’s predicament and help us get out of the Palmore family’s control. Is this related to David?”

After Valerio asked that, his eyes were fixed on Alba.

When Alba heard this question, she froze. She could not come back to her senses after a long time to answer the question.

Valerio’s question was too sudden.

She never expected that Grandpa Val would guess that David was related to what she told him last time just from this short conversation.

These old men had lived for so long, so none of them were simple.

After coming back to her senses, Alba knew she could not hide anymore.

Since Grandpa Val asked her that, he should have a reason for doing so.

Besides, it might not be a bad thing even if he found out.

As long as they had his help, the time it would take for East League Trading Company to rise would shorten. She could also quickly accomplish her cooperation with David.

“Yes, Grandpa Val, David is the opportunity I previously mentioned,” Alba answered honestly.

Valerio was not shocked by this result. Instead, he expected it.

“Oh? Tell me, how can he fight the Palmore family? Even though he’s not weak in terms of identity and background, Alba, you must know that the Pamore family is one of the six top forces in Star Kingdom with Sacred Saints. You can even say they are at the top of Star Kingdom’s pyramid. No one can shake their position.”


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