I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1760

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1760–The strongest one among the most talented geniuses in Star Kingdom was only a partial Saint after getting unlimited resources from their force. Among them was Anders, a peak Sovereign Ranker.

However, this harmless-looking young man in front of Valerio had secretly surpassed all the younger generation in Star Kingdom and got into Saint Realm one step ahead of them.

How unimaginable!

How unfathomable!

Valerio could not even describe David with the words genius, the chosen one, or lunatic.

‘How did he do it?

‘I don’t think there’s someone like him in the history of Star Kingdom.”

David’s energy disappeared in a flash.

Alba was the first to come back to her senses.

Perhaps this was what they meant when they said ‘They who know nothing fears nothing’.

She had no idea that David was already at Saint Realm, so she was not as shocked.

When she saw Grandpa Val frozen on his spot, she asked in confusion, “Grandpa Val, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Her voice pulled Valerio, who was still stunned, back to reality.

“N-Nothing,” Valerio answered, sounding a little unnatural.

He only had one voice in his heart after coming back to his senses.

‘I must get on David’s good side!

‘This kid’s master might not only be a beginner Sacred Saint. He might even be a late or peak Sacred Saint!

‘From what I know, the grandmaster of the Palmore family is only a beginner Sacred Saint. Even if they are hiding their strength, that person would not be over mid-Sacred Saint Rank.

‘Therefore, they would need to bow their heads respectfully in front of a late or peak Sacred Saint.

“If David’s master can speak for us, then we might be able to escape the Palmore family’s control effortlessly.

*This is good news for the Fellowes family!

‘It seems that God doesn’t want the Fellowes family to die out

‘When the family was losing all hope and is about to die out, a god-like person shows up out of nowhere and runs into Alba, the direct descendant of the Fellowes family.

‘Isn’t he here to save us?’

Valerio thought excitedly to himself.

“Mr. Valerio, do you still think I’m scared of the Lightfoot family now? So what if their grandmaster comes for me? I still have my master even if I can’t defeat them. He doesn’t have a lot of good points, but he’s extremely protective of me. If i was even slightly hurt by the Lightfoot family’s grandmasters, my master

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might annihilate them if he gets mad.”

“M-Master David, I was too short-sighted. If you need anything in the future, please ask. We will do our best to help you,” Valerio said respectfully.

This was a world where the strong people got the final say.

Whoever was strong would be respected.

Even if Valerio was older than David, he still had to respectfully call David Master David when he was in front of a young Saint like him.

“You’re too kind, Mr. Valerio. Miss Fellowes can help me. However, if your family can support Miss Fellowes, it will be amazing. As long as I can complete my mission, I will put in a few good words about your family to my master,” David hinted.

He knew he had suppressed Valerio by releasing some of his Saint Realm energy.

Next, with the help of Treasure Trove, one of the top five trading companies, East League Trading Company would surely experience rapid growth.

“I understand. Alba, you should focus on helping Master David now. If you need anything, just tell me. You don’t need to worry about the family, I will convince them. Remember, you must make Master David happy,” Valerio looked at Alba and said seriously.

“I got it, Grandpa Val.”


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