I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1761

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1761–With Alba’s IQ, she naturally knew something had happened between David and Grandpa Val, but she could not understand it.

If not, why would Grandpa Val suddenly change his tone when speaking with David?

He used to call David by name, but now he was calling him Master David. Clearly, he was respecting David from the bottom of his heart.

It should have happened when David released his energy that was laced with murderous intention when he was talking about Archimedes.

‘Is David not just a mid- or late Sovereign Ranker? Is he at a level that is shocking even to Grandpa Val?

‘What could that be?

‘Peak Sovereign Rank?

‘Partial Saint Realm?

‘No way!

‘How old is David?

“How can he be a partial Saint?

‘But if he’s not, Grandpa Val wouldn’t be so shocked.

“I should ask Grandpa Val after we leave.”

Alba thought to herself.

She was indeed a beautiful woman with talent.

She could point out where the problem was after a little analysis, and she was often 80 to 90% correct.

However, Alba was too conservative.

Even if David was a partial Saint, it would be impossible for Valerio, the head of Treasure Trove with countless knowledge and experiences, to look so shocked.

There were young people in Star Kingdom who were already partial Saints, and there was more than one

of them.

Moreover, they were only a few years older than David.

However, there was not one Saint in the entire history of Star Kingdom that was as young as David.

This was what shocked Valerio.

David had created history in Star Kingdom. At the same time, he challenged Valerio’s knowledge about the word ‘talent”.

He did not know what David went through to get to where he was today.

However, he knew that he could not be David’s enemy.

“Master David, we still have something to take care of, so we’ll not disturb your rest. You can contact Alba if you need anything. She’ll help you make all the arrangements.” Valerio put his hands together and got ready to leave.

He was in a hurry to go back to the family so he could tell the core seniors and grandmasters about David.

One could say that David’s appearance had given a glimpse of hope to the Fellowes family who had already fallen into despair.

They had to seize this chance regardless of if they succeeded or not.

If not, they could only wait for their demise.

“Alright, goodbye, Mr. Valerio, Miss Fellowes. I won’t keep you here then,” David said.

He had gotten more benefits than he could imagine today.

He also needed some time to sort this out.

Not only was he a Saint now, he even got the acknowledgment of Valerio, the head of Treasure Trove.


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