I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1792

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1792–The moment the two touched, they backed away immediately. 

After they steadied themselves, Koen looked over and spat through gritted teeth, “Roald!” 

The person who saved Valerio was naturally Grandmaster Roald from the Fellowes family. 

This time, he planned to wait for David to complete his mission, meet David’s master, and then go back. 

“Yes, it’s me. Long time no see, Koen,” Roald stood next to Valerio and said. 

“I was wondering why a partial Saint like Valerio has the guts to be so arrogant in front of me. I see now you’re the one who gave him the courage.” 

“Koen, you can’t say that. My family never bullies anyone, but we also won’t let anyone bully us no matter how strong the opponent is.” 

“Oh? I would like to see how you’ll save yourself when the Palmore family bullies you.” 

“This is our business, and you have no place to comment about it.” 

“Hmph! Roald, you came just in time. I want to ask you what the meaning of this is. I’m here to get the information of someone who killed the heirs of my family, but why are you stopping me? Are you colluding with him?” Koen snarled. 

“Koen, you should provide proof if you think we’re colluding with him. Words alone don’t carry conviction,” Roald replied. 

“If you’re not guilty, why are you stopping us?” 

“Why should I give you the information of the most honorable VIP of Treasure Trove?” 

“You… Fine! Roald, you can’t even protect your family anymore, do you really want to have a fallout with us? Are you not worried that you’ll speed up your demise?” 

“Since you know we can’t even protect ourselves, do you want us to bring you down with us as well? Since we have no way out, why don’t we have a duel? What do you think?” 

Koen did not say anything. Instead, he stared straight at Roald. 

It was not only them, as even Valerio and Dax were glaring at each other. 

Just like that, the eight eyes of the four people were fixed on each other. 

Their strengths were not much different. 

Both sides had a mid-Pre-Saint with a partial Saint. 

After a while, Koen turned around and tore apart the space to leave. 

He knew he could not get what he wanted no matter what he said today. 

It seemed that the Fellowes family was determined to protect David. 

‘Who is that kid? Why does the Fellowes family value him so much? 

‘Even if I take action now, both sides will suffer.’ 

When Dax saw the grandmaster entering the space crack, he followed him quickly. 

When the two were gone, the room was thrust back into silence. 

“Val, are you okay?” Roald asked. 

I’m fine. Thank you for saving me, Grandmaster,” Valerio answered. 

“We have a complete fallout with the Lightfoot family this time. Things will look even worse for us now, so I hope David will surprise us If not, this will be such a loss,” Roald sighed. 

“Don’t worry, Grandmaster. I know Master David will help us.” 

“Alright. I can only trust him now. After all, he’s the only chance our family has after so many years. Right, any updates on Alba’s side?” 

“Grandmaster, the development is progressing rapidly with Treasure Trove’s full support. I think we will be able to fulfill Master David’s request soon.” 

“That’s good. Since he has money, then you should give him all of the family’s resources. Remember, we 

must shorten the time taken as much as we can.” 

“I understand. I’ll contact Alba later. However, what should we do with the Lightfoot family? They won’t stop now that two of their heirs have died.” 

“We’ll just delay them as much as we can. Erase all traces of David. Even if he’s exposed in the end, we’ll have done our best. I believe he won’t blame us.” 

“Alright, Grandmaster. I’ll do it now.” 

“Go ahead.” 


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