I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1793

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1793–Even though the Lightfoot family suffered a defeat and did not get David’s information, they refused to give up just like this. 

They had dispatched their Saint Realm grandmaster, so if they returned disappointed, how would the family continue to show their face? 

Currently, the outside world had already started gossiping about the Lightfoot family. 

If they did not find the murderer, the Lightfoot family would be too ashamed to leave the house in the future 

To Koen, the more the Fellowes family protected David, the fishier this was. 

Since they could not start from the Fellowes family, they would start from somewhere else. 

There were so many people at the auction, so if they could find the people sitting next to David, they might be able to find something about David. 

It was impossible for a living and breathing human to not leave any clues behind. 

The reason Koen did not want to fight Roald was not that he was scared. 

Their strengths were almost the same. 

Hence, if they were to start fighting, both sides would suffer. 

The key was that even though the Fellowes family was declining, they were still powerful. 

They had three True Saint Rank grandmasters. 

Even though two of them were severely injured, the other one was at his peak. 

Plus, they also had several Pre-Saints. 

This line-up was not weak at all. 

If the Fellowes family really intended to drag the Lightfoot family down just as Roald said, the Lightfoot family would suffer. 

One was a family with no hope while the other was a family that was prospering. 

So, why should Koen stoop down to their level? 

When the Palmore family suppressed the Fellowes family and took over Treasure Trove, the Lightfoot family would then deal them a deadly strike. 

This was in line with the Lightfoot family’s interest. 

The Saint Association stated that Saints were not allowed to fight within Star Kingdom. 

However, that was in the past. 

Now, the majority of Star Kingdom knew that in order for the Palmore family to suppress the Fellowes family and take away Treasure Trove the cash cow, the Palmore family’s Sacred Saint, who was also the deputy of The Saints Association, had started to suggest allowing Saints to fight other Saints when it was needed and when it would not have serious consequences. 

It was rumored that the other deputy heads had agreed to this proposal. 

Once this rule was passed, Saints could now fight in Star Kingdom again. 

Anyway, it would be up to them if there were serious consequences or not. 

Now, this proposal was still stuck in the hands of the head. 

The head probably would not be able to hold on much longer with the pressure from the few Sacred Saint deputy heads. 

After all, the head was also a Sacred Saint. 

Next, the Lightfoot family would use other methods to start looking for David’s information in West End. 

‘When did that young man come to the Central Sacred Continent? 

‘Where did he come from? 

‘What force is behind him? 

‘Where is he now?” 

Those were all the questions the Lightfoot family wanted to find out. 

Luckily, Valerio had erased all of David’s activity in advance, so there were not a lot of clues left. 

Just like this, the two families started fighting each other in secret in West End. 

One side was looking for David’s traces while the other was erasing all traces of David. 

The two families already had a few small-scale conflicts. 

Since the two families had their own considerations, the conflicts did not escalate into large-scale battles. 

However, after this, the Fellowes and Lightfoot families had completely shed all pretense of cordiality. 

Once there was a chance, they would not hesitate to force the other party into a dead end. 

Both sides were overbearing and unbridled, and they attracted the attention of almost everyone in the Central Sacred Continent. 

The Lightfoot and Fellowes families were not unknown. 

They could be regarded as the top families in the Central Sacred Continent. 

Even in Star Kingdom, they stood firmly in the second tier. 


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