I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1794

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1794–The two families were second only to the six top forces that had Sacred Saints. 

Therefore, the fight between the two families was very interesting. 

Everyone was waiting to watch the drama unfold. 

Alba also knew about the Lightfoot family looking for David from Valerio. 

David was the only person who had no idea of this. 

Every day, he would lock himself in his room and not go out. He was trying his best to keep a low profile. 

Due to Alba’s hard work in the past few days, she soon spent dozens of trillions Star Dollars for David, gaining David more than 100 thousand lavish points. 


At this moment, David opened his eyes in bed and let out an exhale. 

There was a smile on his face. 

Just now, he had upgraded his Body to Pre-Saint level 6. 

Then, he glanced at his system panel. 

[Host: David Lidell 

[Balance: 9970187462000000 Star Dollars 

[Body: Pre-Saint level 6 (You may upgrade one level using 10000 lavish points) 

[Mind: Pre-Saint level 1 (You may upgrade using 10000 lavish points) 

[Combat: Saint Realm Mid-Pre-Saint Rank 

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique ( Perfection) 

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection) 

[Lavish Points: 6080] 

He was already a mid-Pre-Saint now. 

Judging from this speed, it would only take two or three days for him to raise his Body to Pre-Saint level 10 and become a peak Pre-Saint. 

David did not expect Alba to be so amazing. 

She had spent 15 trillion Star Dollars in such a short time. 

This was beyond his expectations. 

If he knew this was the case, why would David have angered Archimedes at the auction and offend the Lightfoot family’s first-in-line heir? 

Archimedes despised him for this, and after the auction ended, he gathered all of the powerhouses of his family to corner David. 

However, in the end, David killed Archimedes and his people. 

David did not need to go out to know that the Lightfoot family must be furiously looking for him. 

They might have even asked their Saint to come out. 

However, after thinking about it, David did not think this was right. 

If he did not anger Archimedes at the auction, raised the God of Thunder Hammer to a sky-high price, got 100 thousand lavish points to upgrade his strength from mid-Sovereign Rank to Saint Realm, and then showed his strength in front of Valerio, he would not make the Fellowes family get their Saint Realm grandmaster. Furthermore, they would not ask Treasure Trove to fully support Alba. 

Without the Fellowes family’s full support, Alba, the third young mistress, would not have the power to do 

all this. 

Therefore, offending Archimedes at the auction was a precondition. 

Without that, David would not achieve his current success. 

David turned off the system panel and did some calculations in his heart. 

‘There are 4 more levels for my Body and 9 more for my Mind. In total, it will be 13 levels. 

‘I need 10 thousand lavish points for each upgrade. So, I will still need 130 thousand lavish points to reach a Pre-Saint double limit. 

‘Once I reached the double limit, I will upgrade to partial True Saint Rank. 

‘If I 

Want to break through that, I will need a million lavish points. 

‘Even at Alba’s current rate, I will still need quite some time to achieve that.” 

David figured it might be hard for Alba to maintain this spending level. 

After all, they had spent the most money buying the headquarters and branches of the East League Trading Company in the medium and large trade zone where every inch of land was expensive. 

After these were all in place, it was estimated that the spending would fall into a low period. 

If David was not at True Saint Rank, he would not dare to face the Lightfoot family directly. 

‘How can I speed up the accumulation of lavish points?’ 

Facing the Lightfoot family who might come to him at any time, David fell into deep thought. 

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