I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1820

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1820–Anders was called by the head of the family, so he stood up immediately and said,

“Grandpa, before answering this question, I have to ask you a question. May I know

when Grandmasters’ proposal will be passed in The Saints Association?”

“It should be soon. Recently, the grandmasters are allying with several other Sacred

Saints to collectively put pressure on the head of The Saints Association to get him to

pass the proposal as soon as possible. However, we have to wait for the

grandmasters to inform us on how long this will take,” Soren replied.

“Now is not the best time for us to act since the proposal is not yet passed. However,

the Fellowes family is now rapidly transferring away the assets rightfully belonging to

us. If we don’t stop them in time, it will cause great harm to our family. So first of all,

we must stop the transfer of assets by the Fellowes family,” Anders analyzed.

He was describing the ancestral property of the Fellowes family as theirs.

It could be seen that in the eyes of the Palmore family, Treasure Trove had long been


The Fellowes family was just the assets’ temporary custodian.

“Yes, but we need a specific plan as to how to stop it and in what name we should

stop it under. You can’t directly bring it up to the Fellowes family, right? They already

know their ending, so I’m afraid that in the end, they will decide to make everyone lose

and tear Treasure Trove apart. If that happens, it will not be good for us. What I want

is a complete Treasure Trove, not an incomplete one,” Soren said.

“Then let’s start from other aspects!”

“Which aspect?”

“Let’s start from the root cause. If the Fellowes family wants to transfer assets, they

must conduct transactions with the newly established firm. We can investigate the

new firm through The Saints Association, and then find any reason to stop it so that

Treasure Trove can no longer conduct public transactions with them. And if there are

any private transactions, we can completely veto them after taking over.”

“What if the Fellowes family starts a new business?”

“Then we’ll stop it again. Keep monitoring the Fellowes family, and no matter how

many companies they set up, we will stop all of them.”

“Doing this can indeed temporarily curb the transfer of the Fellowes family’s assets,

but it is not a long-term solution,” Soren shook his head and said.

“Grandpa, it won’t take long. We just need to wait for The Saints Association to pass

the proposal after the party and then we can immediately exert full pressure on the

Fellowes family to force them to hand over control of Treasure Trove.”

Soren was silent for a moment.

After glancing at all the core members of the Palmore family, he asked,” Do you have

any other comments? If not, we’ll follow Anders’ proposal.”

“Lord Soren, Master Anders is right. I agree to following his suggestion for the time

being. We still have time to come up with another plan if we encounter any other

incidents halfway.”

“I also agree to follow Anders’ suggestion!”

“I agree!”

The cores of the Palmore family spoke one after another, expressing their agreement

with Anders’ suggestion.

Everybody knew the head of the family asked Anders to answer because he wanted

to train him.

This time he had broken through partial Saint Realm and became the youngest partial

Saint among the Six. If there was no accident, he would be the future head of the

Palmore family.

“Since everyone agrees, let’s implement what Anders wants! First, stop all the newly

established companies of the Fellowes family through The Saints Association, and at

the same time, give them a little warning. Show the Fellowes family that if they behave

like this again, that they cannot blame us for not showing any mercy when the time

comes,” Soren said in a deep voice.

“Yes, Lord Soren,” All the cores of the Palmore family replied at the same time.

After the meeting, the Palmore family sprang into action immediately.

As one of the six top forces of Star Kingdom, they were very fast.

Not long after, East League Trading Company was stifled, and no transactions were


Alba, who had been so busy, was stunned.

She did not understand what was going on at all.

She was clueless until news came from the Fellowes family that it was the Palmore

family who did this.


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