I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1822

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1822-David shook his head helplessly.

When things got to this point, he did not know what to do.

If he continued to stay here, his lavish points would not increase at all since East

League Trading Company was seized and his strength would not increase.

However, he could not leave either.

The Lightfoot family had already laid a trap outside. Once he went out, they would

definitely find him.

Upon seeing a look of helplessness on David’s gloomy face, Alba’s heart also sank.

She came here because she hoped that David would have a solution.

The Fellowes family was helpless in this situation.

Now that the Palmore family made a move, the Fellowes family would definitely be

unable to resist them.

Plus, the Lightfoot family was also watching them.

If there was nothing David could do, then Alba could only accept her fate.

Although she was very unwilling on the inside, there was no way out.

After a while, David asked, “Miss Fellowes, is there a way to lift the embargo?”

“No! Master David, the Palmore family took the initiative to seize East League Trading

Company this time. Their Sacred Saint grandmaster is the deputy head of The Saints

Association, so he has great power. The Fellowes family can’t do anything about that,”

Alba shook her head and replied.

“So you’re saying there is no way to complete my task, right?”

“If you don’t have a solution either, then I’m afraid so.”

‘A solution?

‘What can I do?

‘If I have a solution, why would I need your family?1

David thought silently in his heart.

“Then how about we re-establish a trading company and do this all over again?”

David asked tentatively.

“It’s useless! Master David, the Pamore family is watching Treasure Trove, and

nothing can escape from their eyes unless the newly established firm doesn’t use any

resources from Treasure Trove, but in this case, it will be very difficult to complete

your master’s task. It will take a long, long time, and my family can’t afford to wait.”

Alba extinguished David’s hope without hesitation.

Once again, her family genuinely could not afford to wait.

“Then what should we do now?” David asked helplessly, spreading his hands.

“Master David, why don’t you ask your master for help? If he can show up, the

Palmore family wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous, and we can continue to grow

East League Trading Company,” Alba cautiously suggested.

David smiled wryly in his heart.

He thought to himself, ‘If I had a Sacred Saint as my master, I would have already

asked him to come out. You wouldn’t even have to remind me.

’But I don’t have one!

’I’m still waiting to get one million lavish points so I can break through to True Saint

Rank first and solve the troubles of the Lightfoot family.

’Then, I’ll discuss merging the two companies with the Fellowes family, get tens of

millions of lavish points in one fell swoop, achieve Sacred Saint, and then help the

Fellowes family solve their predicament.

’But great, the Palmore family made a move so all plans were thrown into disarray, i

’I still need a lot of lavish points to get to True Saint Rank, let alone Sacred Saint


“Miss Fellowes, it’s not that I don’t want to ask my master to come out, but we have

been living together, so I know his character very well. He is a very stubborn man. I

have to complete the task he entrusted to me. Whenever I fail to complete any of

those tasks, he will be furious and the consequences will be very serious. At that time,

I will not be able to protect myself, and I will not dare to speak for your family,” David


‘Then what should we do now? The Lightfoot family is also watching us, waiting for

you to come out. Once they find out my family is protecting you, they will definitely

start a war with us. When the time comes, the Fellowes family will be completely

finished if the Palmore family decides to intervene.” Alba’s eye began to turn red


If David did not get his master, then the Fellowes family would be doomed.

It was very likely that they would face the joint siege of the Lightfoot family and the

Palmore family.


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