I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1823

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1823–David could not bear seeing Alba like this, so he comforted her, “Miss Fellowes, don’t worry. Let me think. and see if I can solve this problem” 

At this moment, David was also in a dilemma. 

East League Trading Company was seized. 

Thus, he could only go out and spend money to get lavish points, which were then used to improve his 


However, he could not leave now. 

It was a vicious cycle. 

‘What should I do?” 

David’s mind was spinning rapidly. 

He knew he could only rely on himself now. 

Since Alba came to find him, it showed that the Fellowes family was also at a dead end. 

They had done everything they could. 

And they even encountered a crisis ahead of time to help David. 

If they had not helped him, at least the Fellowes family would still be safe and not so passive. 

Therefore, he had to find a way to break the current deadlock. 

For David, the most important thing right now was to get lavish points. However, he had to spend money to get lavish points. 

Hence, they had to think of other ways now East League Trading Company had been seized, 

In the past, every time he bought a very precious treasure, his lavish points would skyrocket. 

It was like this when he bought the Stone of Life and also the Exquisite Wine of Hundred Flowers and 


Therefore, he still needed to buy something next. 

He would buy whatever was expensive! 

The only ones who can trade with me now are the Fellowes family. 

‘There are so many treasures in Treasure Trove, so it should be fine to sell them to me. 

‘If they don’t, it will go to the Palmore family anyway.” 

Plus, it occurred to David suddenly. 

Even though East League Trading Company was sequestered and could not trade, he himself still could! 

Treasure Trove could sell some branches to him, so he could also complete the transaction and get 

lavish points. 

It would be like buying and selling treasures with private individuals. 

If David could buy treasures from others, why couldn’t he buy Treasure Trove’s properties from the Fellowes family? 

The transactions stipulated by the system would not require the consent of other people at all. It would be fine as long as the owner of the item and himself agreed. 

The Palmore family could stop East League Trading Company from trading with Treasure Trove, but they could not stop David from trading with the Fellowes family. 

The more difficult the situation faced by the Fellowes family, the more likely they would receive more 


David was excited when he thought of this. 

This was really a blessing in disguise! 

If the Palmore family pushed too hard, leaving the Fellowes family with no way out, and they ended up having a complete fallout, they might even be willing to sell the entire Treasure Trove to him. 

Wouldn’t David be able to break through to Sacred Saint Rank in one go by then? 

Plus, he might get to more than just beginner Sacred Saint Rank. 

However, this possibility was too small. 

“I’ll just fantasize about that. 

“Let’s break through to True Saint Rank first!” 

However, Alba was not the head of Treasure Trove, so she certainly could not decide if they could sell Treasure Trove’s branches. 

Therefore, they had to find someone who could call the shots. 

Treasure Trove’s head Valerio should be fine. 

With that, David suppressed his excitement and asked, “Miss Fellowes, I want to meet the head of Treasure Trove. Can you arrange this for me?” 

“You want to see Grandpa Val? Have you found a solution?” Alba asked with a hint of expectation. 

“That’s right! But you have to ask Grandpa Val to come over for this matter and I will discuss it with him personally.” 

“Okay! Master David, please wait a moment! I’ll contact Grandpa Val and ask him to come over as soon as possible,” Alba said hastily. 

What she was most afraid of was that there was nothing David could do. If that were the case, they would really be up the creek without a paddle. 


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