Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Accepted Readily

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Roxanne frowned imperceptibly, not quite sure how she should refute that for a moment.

In front of her, Estella grew all the more aggrieved when she didn’t only decline the dinner invitation but was also not responding to her father’s comment after such a long time.

“Are… Are you mad at Daddy, Ms. Jarvis?”

She gingerly tugged on Roxanne’s sleeve.

Jolted out of her thoughts by Estella’s voice, Roxanne regarded the little girl before her with mixed emotions.

Estella sniffled, feeling utterly miserable.

Although she had no idea what Herbscape Group Lucian was speaking of, she could tell that the two adults were at odds again.

Daddy has finally forgiven Ms. Jarvis, but now she is mad at him…

At that thought, she lifted her eyes and glowered at her father in aggravation and ire.

Meeting her gaze, Lucian put away some of the displeasure on his face and said nothing further.

Roxanne was silent for a moment before she patted Estella on the head in consolation. “No, I just don’t want to trouble Ms. Catalina.”

“It’s just a matter of preparing two more dishes, so it’s no trouble. I’ll go about it right away,” Catalina hastily interjected with a smile.

At that, Roxanne choked, for she hadn’t yet decided to agree and was merely coaxing Estella.

Unexpectedly, Archie and Benny’s voices had already rung out before she could open her mouth.

“It’s been ages since we last had your cooking, Ms. Catalina! We’d like to eat your signature meatballs!”

Beaming, Catalina readily agreed.

Archie and Benny’s remark was tantamount to an acceptance of the dinner invitation. That aside, Catalina had already gone downstairs to prepare dinner.

In the end, Roxanne swallowed the demurral on the tip of her tongue and went along with Archie and Benny’s decision.

Throughout it all, Lucian didn’t utter a single word further.

However, it was still his house.

For that reason, Roxanne got up after deliberating for a long while and murmured, “Sorry for troubling you, Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian shot her an unfathomable look before he went into his study without saying a word.

There was still some time before dinner. Roxanne didn’t know what to do, so she played with the three children in the room for a while.

Only when Catalina came upstairs to call them did she lead the trio downstairs.

She initially thought that Lucian wouldn’t be eating with them, considering his attitude earlier.

To her surprise, the man descended the stairs no sooner had they taken their seats. He sat down across from her.

“Ms. Catalina’s grilled fish is really delicious, Ms. Jarvis!”

Estella took a piece of fish for Roxanne, snapping her back to reality.

Smiling, Roxanne thanked her. “Thank you, Essie.”

Estella flashed her a docile smile in return. Then, she took a piece of fish for Lucian.

Inclining his head a fraction, Lucian remained silent.

Imitating Estella, Archie and Benny took some food for their mother before timidly glancing at Lucian at the side.

Discerning their intention, Lucian reflexively stole a glance at the woman sitting across from him. Thereafter, he quirked his lips at them in assent.

In the next second, Archie and Benny took some food for him, one after another.

Lucian accepted readily.

Roxanne, on the other hand, gaped at her two children, the emotions in her eyes turning increasingly complicated.

Madilyn’s question before she stepped foot into the manor earlier echoed in her ears.

Could it be that they’ve really learned about their relationship with Lucian? But even so, their attitudes toward their biological father shouldn’t be such. I remember that they were exceedingly averse whenever the topic of their biological father came up. Hence, they wouldn’t be treating him so nicely right now.

Following that thought, she felt that she was overthinking things. Forcibly suppressing the thoughts running through her mind, she lowered her eyes and started eating.


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