Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 902

Chapter 902 I Will Bring You Camping

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Roxanne didn’t want to tarry after dinner, so she took her leave with Archie and Benny.

“Can’t you play with me for a while longer, Ms. Jarvis?”

Estella clutched at the hem of her shirt with all the reluctance in the world.

Leaning down, Roxanne stroked her head and cajoled gently, “It’s late, so I’ve got to go home.”

After saying that, she added in a moment of weakness at the sight of Estella’s reluctant expression, “I’ll come and keep you company another day.”

She merely wanted to comfort the little girl, but the latter unexpectedly took it seriously.

“When will that be?” Estella gazed at her pitifully with solemnity written all over her face.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne was inexorably stunned for a while.

When will that be?

On instinct, she lifted her eyes and glanced at the man across from her, telling him with her eyes that she didn’t really mean it.

In the past, Lucian would speak up and help her diffuse the situation. But this time, he acted as though he didn’t notice her predicament.

In that instant, Roxanne couldn’t quite bring herself to tell Estella the truth as she stared into her hopeful gaze.

Meanwhile, Estella continued in utter ignorance, “Archie and Benny told me that you often bring them out to have fun. Can I tag along, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne’s eyes flickered, and she felt downright conflicted.

Alas, Archie and Benny promptly seconded at the side, “Let’s go camping together next week! That’ll be fun!”

Back when they were abroad, Roxanne always brought them camping with her colleagues from the research institute whenever she was free, and it was incredibly delightful.

When Estella heard that, the anticipation within her soared, and her eyes shone brightly.

As Roxanne looked at her seemingly sparkling eyes, she simply couldn’t bring herself to turn her down.

“Essie, Ms. Jarvis is very busy with work, so she probably has no time.”

Out of the blue, Lucian’s scornful voice drifted into their ears.

At his words, Roxanne’s pupils constricted. Snapping her eyes up, she glared at the man in front of her with an absurd look in her eyes.

I found it unnecessary to explain his misunderstanding toward me earlier, but I never thought that he’d remember it for so long and even mock me!

At that, the light in Estella’s eyes dimmed, and she dipped her eyes in disappointment.

Helplessness deluged Roxanne as she eyed them both. She had no other choice but to suppress the disgruntlement within her and first coax Estella.

“I promise I’ll bring you camping with Archie and Benny next week.”

It wasn’t until then that Estella raised her head once more. But still, skepticism lingered in her eyes.

Archie and Benny hurriedly chimed in, “Mommy never lies!”

Estella had always trusted them unconditionally, so the smile entered her eyes again since they had said as much.

Bobbing her head obediently, she held her little finger out at Roxanne.

Roxanne was startled for a moment, not quite sure what Estella wanted to do.

“A pinky promise,” Estella urged in her cute voice.

At that, understanding dawned upon Roxanne. She found it rather amusing, yet her heart melted at the same time.

A moment later, she held her little finger out and hooked it around Estella’s outstretched finger in a pinky promise.

Only then did Estella relax completely.

“It’s late, so I’ll be going home with Archie and Benny first. Rest earlier, Essie.”

Before leaving, Roxanne bid her farewell with a smile.

Waving at her obediently, Estella saw them off.

Lucian stood behind her silently with a dark and indecipherable gaze as he watched Roxanne, Archie, and Benny disappear into the distance.


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