Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Do Not Be Mad Anymore

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“Daddy.” When Roxanne, Archie, and Benny had disappeared from sight, Estella lifted her eyes and stared at her father.

At her voice, Lucian slowly retracted his gaze and lowered his eyes to meet her gaze. “Yes?”

Puffing up her cheeks, Estella demanded in a huff, “Did you make Ms. Jarvis mad again?”

Tonight, Ms. Jarvis didn’t talk much to him. No matter how hard Archie, Benny, and I tried, she hardly glanced in his direction.

Following that line of thought, frustration swamped her.

He has already promised me that he’d forgive her and never make her mad again, but he didn’t keep his word!

Discerning her thoughts, Lucian frowned and was just about to answer when he abruptly remembered James’ advice in the next heartbeat.

Thus, he went silent for a few seconds before replying, “We have some conflicts at work.”

As soon as Estella heard the word “conflicts,” her face fell.

Lucian regarded her with his brows furrowed. “Both of us have to work, so it’s inevitable that we have conflicts at work. You must understand that.”

Nevertheless, Estella scrunched her face in anger. “But why must you bring home your conflicts at work?”

Her question had words eluding Lucian.

“Could it be that you haven’t forgiven Ms. Jarvis?” Estella was all dubious.

When Lucian heard that she was placing the blame on him, his brows creased.

Some time passed before his lips twitched cryptically, and he asserted, “You know I never bring work stress home.”

Blinking hesitantly, Estella solemnly cast her mind back to the past.

That seems to be true indeed. He’s very busy, but he’s still exceedingly patient with me every time he returns home. So, was it Ms. Jarvis who brought work stress home?

She couldn’t understand why adults couldn’t draw a line between work and private life, much less fathom the fact that the person who did so was none other than Roxanne.

But even then, she’s always in the right!

Adamantly siding with Roxanne, she furiously shot daggers at her father. “Even so, you’ve got to coax her!”

Dumbstruck, Lucian felt utterly exasperated.

I’ve already spelled things out, but she’s still siding with Roxanne!

Meanwhile, Roxanne hailed a taxi by the roadside and brought Archie and Benny home.

She was really exhausted after interacting with Lucian earlier, so she didn’t speak much throughout the drive.

However, Archie and Benny thought that she was angry at them. Thus, they looked at each other guiltily.

Benny tugged at Roxanne’s shirt pitifully. “Mommy… Don’t be mad anymore, okay?”

Hearing that, Roxanne forcefully perked up and met their gazes in puzzlement.

“We shouldn’t have sneaked out and made you worry,” Benny whispered in apology with his head penitently hung low.

The instant Roxanne heard that, she inexorably recalled Lucian’s words earlier.

I can understand that they sneaked out, but I really can’t fathom why he framed it as a deliberate ploy on my part.

At that thought, a headache started assailing her.

Conversely, Archie and Benny thought that she was livid, so they gave explanation after explanation.

“We only went to see Essie because we were really worried about her.”

“Besides, we were afraid that she’d be even sadder when she didn’t see you upon waking up, so we wanted to make her happy.”


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