Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Did You Have Another Fight

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Roxanne could tell that the children were getting anxious, so she did her best to suppress her emotions. “I’m not mad. In fact, I want to thank you for comforting Essie.”

Even though the kids’ actions did cause a misunderstanding with Lucian, Roxanne knew Estella’s mood would not have improved had it not been for them.

The children breathed a sigh of relief after hearing their mother but remained somewhat cautious.

“Sorry, Mommy. We won’t run off by ourselves again,” promised Archie after crawling into her embrace.

Despite how dim the light in the car was, the exhaustion on Roxanne’s face was plain to see.

The boy was convinced that he did not do anything wrong before, but at that moment, he was filled with guilt.

Benny, too, crawled into his mother’s arms and apologized.

Then, Roxanne gave her children a big hug before patting them on the head. “I know you were just worried about Essie.”

In response, the kids nodded in agreement because they were indeed concerned about Estella.

However, they also had another reason they dared not tell Roxanne.

On the way home, Roxanne could not help but tense up when she saw from afar that the lights in the mansion were on.

After reaching the door, Roxanne was about to ask the children to stay there while she went inside to have a look when someone suddenly turned the doorknob from the other side.

“You’re finally back!” Madilyn felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she saw the three.

After leaving the Farwell residence, she went straight to Roxanne’s house and waited for them to return.

The truth was that Madilyn could not stop worrying about the two little ones.

Roxanne, too, was relieved to see her best friend at her house, and following that was a burst of emotions.

“Aunt Madilyn,” greeted the boys, puzzled by the woman’s appearance since they had no idea what had happened.

With a serious face, Madilyn lowered herself so she could look the boys in the eye. “Let me see if you’re okay.”

Only after confirming that the children were not injured in any way did Madilyn start scolding them. “Do you know how worried you made your mother and me this afternoon? You’re not to run off again without telling us. Do you understand? If you must, at least inform your mother.”

The boys did not know their mother had asked Madilyn to help search for them until they heard that, so they quickly lowered their heads and apologized, “We’re sorry, Aunt Madilyn. We will do that next time.”

Glaring reproachfully at the two children, Madilyn uttered, “It’s a good thing you had those watches on you. Remember to keep them on always, okay?”

To that, the kids quickly nodded.

Only after scolding the children did Madilyn rise to look at her friend, whom she could not help worrying about when she saw how exhausted the woman was. “What happened? Are you and Mr. Farwell…”

Madilyn wanted to ask if Roxanne and Lucian had a fight but stopped because she suddenly remembered the two boys were beside her.

Knowing what her friend wanted to ask, Roxanne smiled and pretended as if everything was okay. “No. I’m just really tired today.”

Madilyn then gave Roxanne a suspicious look but decided not to overthink the situation.

After all, searching for and worrying about two lost kids was a taxing affair.

Even though Madilyn had no idea what had happened at the Farwell residence, she was sure it took a lot out of Roxanne.


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