My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1657

Chapter 1657 Mockery

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“Alright. Then, we’ll be going to Flor. It’s a quiet place, and it’s nearing autumn after our wedding. We can ski then. I stayed there for six months once. It’s a beautiful place.”

“Sure. Let’s go to Flor, then.” Queenie was looking forward to it. She didn’t mind the place. As long as she was with him, it was fine.

Stardom’s PR department had been busy marketing Jessie and raising her fame. Since she used to work in many films before, they got a lot of info on her. A bunch of indie directors and actors had praised her for her professionalism as well.

She started out being hated, but now fans were starting to know her. And the photos that were released finally showed her true beauty; she looked innocent in them.

Though, of course, there were also female celebrities who were jealous of her. Some even started slandering her.

Fortunately, the PR department cut down on the slanders as soon as they showed up. Everyone soon realized Jessie was not someone whom they could bully and for them to go against Stardom was a foolish move on its own.

The two actresses who tried to slander her even lost all the work they had, including dramas, films, and product ambassadorship. They realized all too late this was the price for slandering Jessie. At the same time, they wondered who Jessie’s backer was. They were too powerful.

And so, all the female celebrities could do nothing but watch as Jessie made her way up the ladder. The actors who used to harass her started getting worried. They were scared she would get back at them.

Back in every film that she had worked on, all the actresses hated Jessie. Even B- and C-listers lorded her around while taking pleasure in bullying her. They thought she was shining too brightly for a stuntwoman. She even outshone them, the protagonist, and it irked these people.

Jessie went to class as usual. It was the eighth day, and the class would come to an end soon. Naturally, everyone was envious of her, especially Xandra. Her parents were stars. She thought she was born special, but from the moment she met Jessie, she lost to Jessie in everything.

The final class came to an end, and Jessie emerged from the classroom, but Xandra stopped her.

“Hold it. I know you have a powerful backer, but I also know how you got so far, Jessie.”

“Stop with the slandering.” Jessie was starting to get annoyed.

“Is it slander, though? I have looked into your case. You grew up in an orphanage, and you don’t have any connections. You must have paid the price for someone to support you so much. I heard you slept with all of the Stardom’s top management,” Xandra said. It was a lie, but she said it anyway.

Jessie’s face was red with fury. That was insulting. Coldly, she warned, “Shut it, Limerick. Another word and I will sue you for slander.”

“Oh, I’m so scared. Do you think you can fool me with an act, you no-name amateur? You’re a joke. Quit while you still can.” Xandra crossed her arms, looking at Jessie like she was nothing but a peasant.

“Yeah, I’m not born to a family of actors like you, but it’s a shame that you didn’t inherit your parents’ talent for acting,” Jessie mocked.

“W-What? How dare you doubt my skills! An amateur like you won’t have the right to doubt my skills!” Xandra was fuming. She had confidence in her acting, and she would not brook any mockery.

“You’d better stay in line, or things will end ugly for you.” Jessie turned around after saying that.


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