My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1658

Chapter 1658 Backfired

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“You think Julian would fall for a nobody like you? His tastes are better than this.”

Jessie kept ignoring her. A grey sports car was parked outside. Just as she was about to call her driver, the sports car came over to her. Someone rolled the window down, and a male’s voice came from inside. “Get in, Jessie.”

She looked inside the car, and the sight of Julian shocked her. Why is he picking me up?

Xandra came out just in time to see that, and her eyes went wide with envy. Julian came to pick her up himself? Impossible! I must be seeing things. However, she wouldn’t mistake Julian for anyone else. Not only did he come to pick Jessie up, he even buckled her up. That was something only a boyfriend would do.

Jessie was aware Xandra was watching, but she rolled the window up anyway. Julian drove off into the streets, leaving Xandra alone.

Annoyed, Xandra stomped her foot.

Jessie did nothing, but Xandra felt like she just ate her words.

A while later, Jessie asked, “Where are we going?”

“To meet someone. I’m introducing you to the director and crew,” he answered.

He didn’t say much, but she knew whom he was talking about. Oh, the new film. The big production. The one with big money invested in it. The props, makeup, attire, and VFX are impeccable.

She couldn’t help but feel nervous. “Do you think they’ll acknowledge me?”

Julian smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve told them about you. They’ll recognize you.”

Jessie had no choice but to attend this appointment. It was held in a club that housed offices and a restaurant. The director, assistant director, editor, and all the important crew members were already there. It was the day they met the film’s lead actress.

Everyone was solemn. After all, casting a newbie who used to be a stuntwoman was a daring act. They had no idea if this film would be a hit. The budget was sky-high. If the film flopped just because of one actress, the loss would be unimaginable.

Right then, an assistant opened the door. “Julian and the leading lady are here.”

“Alright, look alive. Julian has an eye for talent.”

“Just when we finally got ourselves some investors, they are thinking that this won’t work. If it weren’t for me convincing them, we’d have disbanded a long time ago.”

Someone knocked on the door, and in came Julian. Behind him followed a nervous Jessie.

Everyone was stunned the moment they saw her. Most celebrities looked good on screen, but in reality, they looked a lot different. However, Jessie looked better than she did in the videos. She looked alive, innocent, and as clean as untainted stream water.

The director stared at her for a while, and great delight welled within him. Yep. This is the kind of girl I’m looking for.

Everyone else realized why Julian wanted her to be the lead. Her looks were perfect. She’d capture everyone’s eyes the moment she showed up on camera.

“Jessie, this is Vincent Cooper, the director. This is Timmy, the assistant director, and this is Amy, the editor.” He then introduced her to the essential crew members.

Jessie said hi and sat down beside him. She felt pressured when facing these people. Only with Julian beside her could she feel safe.


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